Makerere ‘Teargas Student’: My Life is In Danger

Twenty three year old Samuel Mugarura, information pills a Makerere University student who  recently confessed that he can manufacture teargas using local materials has said his life is in danger due to threats  he receives since making the daring revelation.

The 3rd year student of Bachelor of Sciences at the Chemistry Department of the College of Natural Science told this website that he has received what he termed as threats from security agencies led by police threatening to take action against him for his invention which they say is illegal.

“Police threatened to arrest me for illegal possession of government property.  Mugarura Samuel is not a terrorist like some agencies stated, nurse ” he said.

“I am only a proud student of Makerere University and proud citizen of Uganda who is willing to offer his knowledge to government and in any case let them come in and join hands for the betterment of the country other than threatening me.”

According to Mugarura, order he receives a number of phone calls from unknown people threatening to harm him for his innovation which they say threatens national security.

The 23 year old student of Makerere said since airing out his innovation, he has been asked by the Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Emillian Kayima to drop his idea for it is illegal and security threatening.

“They say they checked my room and found marijuana which I don’t know of. The truth is that I apparently don’t stay at the university and I don’t know which room they checked.”

Mugarura added, “May be they first need to listen to my story before drawing conclusions without first listening to me. This innovation is something simple that even a S.4 Chemistry student can do if well prepared.”


He noted that instead of trying to threaten him, government ought to come out and support him as an innovator.

“I am asking government to come out and protect a citizen who is not harmful but willing to give in what he can to help build the nation. I wish I can get support for the betterment of this country,” he urged.

Police Respond

The Kampala Metropolitan Area Police spokesperson Emillian Kayima however disputed as allegation, the claims by Mugarura of threats to his life .

“Nobody is threatening his life,”Kayima said in a phone call interview.

“We don’t know if what he is doing is bad or good and he should not make innovations through the media.”

The Kampala Metropolitan Area Police mouthpiece however noted that police searched Mugarura’s room and found some illegal items adding that the Makerere student denied them on record.

“He should follow the standard procedure and should not do things that might compromise his security and national security.”

On Mugarura seeking attention from government Kayima said,”He has not taken the first  step to talk to government. He knows how to communicate to government departments and not through rumours. Let him write to government.”

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