Makerere Probe Committee Concerned Over Piling Unimplemented Resolutions

The visitation committee appointed to probe into the woes at Makerere University has expressed unease over the failure to implement recommendations from previous investigations into the university.

The 9 member committee which was appointed by President Museveni following his order to close the university has proposed that a system be designed to ensure that future recommendations are given timelines as well as a specified body to fast-track their realization.

Dr. Abel Rwendeire the Chairperson of the visitation committee said this Tuesday morning while addressing a news conference at the Uganda Media Centre on the progress of the investigation.

“Our mandate includes studying previous reports including the Omaswa report (2015), more about Kabaasa report and the McGregor (2008) report and track the progress of the implementation of what was recommended therein. We realize that enforcing these recommendations has always been a problem and this should stop.”

“In our final report, adiposity we shall suggest a system be put in place to ensure that recommendations are given a specific timeline in which to be implemented, failure of which, the responsible parties are tasked to explain why,” Rwendeire added.

He told the press that the committee has already formulated a work plan that focuses on five areas; governance, financial management, academic, student and staff affairs. He made assurance that the three months probe will be conducted in a ‘timely, comprehensive and professional’ manner.

On the aspect of financial management which is the most contentious issue, Rwendeire noted that; “The committee consists of experts in financial related issues including the Auditor General. We shall be interested in knowing the sources of Makerere’s funding whether the institution makes adequate planning.”

Concerning the possibility of reopening the university before the three months end, he revealed that the committee had asked the President that the institution remains open as the investigation goes on. “We expressed our concern to him (President) to keep the university and he said it requires further consultations.”

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