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Makerere Polls: Police Introduce ‘Take Down’ Pepper Spray

By Prossy Nansubuga

Police have deployed heavily at Makerere University where guild elections will be held today.

The polls follow intense campaigning by students and violence on streets around the campus.

He voting was expected to start at 8:30am till 4:00pm in line with guidelines provided by the University’s electoral commission.

The 13 aspiring guild presidents are Joshua Mukisa William (People power), Julius Kateregga (People Power), Andrew Taliwaku (NRM) and Milly Namuddu (FDC).

Other candidates are David Musiri, Onesmus Mutumba, Osbert Arinda, Emmanuel Agaba, Winter Nsimire, Donald Munamu and Umar Wageya.

Students are expected to carry their university IDs in order to vote.

Candidates’ campaigns ended on Thursday



Police today said they would not use teargas to deal with violent students.

“Today we are using a spray known as ‘Take Down’,” said a police officer who preferred anonymity to speak freely.

“This spray weakens one’s body, compelling one to sit.  You lose your energy and fall asleep for five minutes,” said the cop, adding, “That’s why it’s called Take Down.”

Internet research shows the MK-3 Mace Take Down Inert OC uses ingredients that are non-flammable, non-toxic and environment-friendly.

Police have deployed heavily at Makerere University during today’s election exercise

It is used for supporting law enforcement training, demonstration purpose and for crowd management, maintaining its high quality for the last 40 years.

This inert OC has a flip top safety cap and give bursts of pepper spray with an accurate stream.

Featuring a concentrated OC / CS formula, the spray is guaranteed to instantly immobilize attackers by inflaming the mucus membranes of the eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

Anti-riot police personnel in a planning meeting today morning

The result is complete disorientation and temporary blindness caused by swollen glands and watering tear ducts.

The canister’s fog style deployment method emits a cloud of spray that offers maximum area coverage and is ideal for large groups of people such as those found in prison and street riots.

The fogger utilizes a pistol style grip for natural tactical deployment that is easy to control.

The police officer who talked to ChimpReports said “one bottle is enough for all of them. So anyone planning to cause commotion, is going to be taken down.”

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