Makerere Gown Crisis: Students Threaten to Strike

Just 4 days to the 70th graduation ceremony of Makerere University, students are threatening to go on strike over lack of graduation gowns.

The Makerere University Guild Minister for Academics and Education Jackson Mayambala says the University administration together with the Senate had assured students that by the end of Wednesday which was yesterday, the gowns would be available.

Speaking to the press at the University on Thursday, Mayambala said that up to date students have not received them.

“It’s really a shame that up to now the students who have managed to be in Makerere for more than 3 years, some of them have been doing courses of 5 years and now we have less than 4 days to graduation day, they have not received their gowns.”

“We as student leaders have given University up to the end of this week. By the end of this week, our response will be as usual. We shall go back to our traditional days.”

“As Students’ Guild we shall not just keep quiet as we see some of these things happen to this might institution. We shall raise our voices. It’s a warning to the University that they should stop that policy of disrespecting our voices,” said Mayambala.

What perplexes the students  most is that previously, it was not an obligation of the University to provide students with gowns except those that paid for them.

However, beginning with the 69th graduation which took place last year, the University passed a policy that made it mandatory for every student to pay gown fee to the University.


Initially, students would decide whether to pay for a gown at the University or to purchase one using their own means.

This comes just hours after media reports show that the University is procuring gowns from China.

The 70th graduation of Makerere will see more than 4000 students graduate.

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