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Makerere Defends Suspension of Kitchen-raiding Students

Makerere University has maintained its decision to discipline students accused of raiding an all-girls residential hall and at the campus, this Chimp Corps report.

The Vice Chancellor Prof Ddumba-Sentamu on Tuesday suspended 15 students from the University over misconduct.

Some of the said students invaded Mary Stuart Hall Kitchen while others raided the University Hall Kitchen.

“During the invasion, medical University property was destroyed and damaged. This includes chairs, cups, plates, dining tables and doors, a fridge to mention but a few,” said Makerere University spokesperson, Ritah Namisango.

“Some students are accused of pouring food at the entrance of Mary Stuart Hall.  Some students caused loss of over 200 forks from the serving centre,” she added.

Several students responded by claiming the Vice Chancellor lacked the powers to kick them out of the institution of learning.

Namisango said Ddumba’s decision was guided by Section 6(1) (d) of the Makerere University Students Regulations.

Section 6(1) d states that the Vice Chancellor has powers to suspend a student from the University or to discipline him in any manner he thinks fit and seek approval of his action at the next meeting of the University Disciplinary Committee.


“In the letter suspending the students, the Vice Chancellor has informed the said students that their case has been presented to the University Students Disciplinary Committee,” assured Namisango.

Cases of indiscipline have been on the rise at Makerere, the recent being murder by mob justice.

The students have previously left a trail of destruction in violent riots at Makerere and its neighborhood, with the public calling for tough measures against acts of misconduct.

Namisango said the affected students are expected to appear before the University Students’ Disciplinary Committee.

“In addition, the letter to the said students has been copied to the respective Academic Units, Halls of Residence and Officers responsible for implementation/enforcement.”

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