Mak Students Unworried About Jobs

President Yoweri Museveni has commended the congregation of St. Paul’s Cathedral, approved Namirembe for doing a perfect job in the renovation of the Cathedral.

Mr. Museveni paid the tribute today during a thanksgiving service held on St. Paul’s day after whom the Cathedral is named.

The occasion was also used for the ceremony of the installation of officials of the Christian Men’s Fellowship.

The president commended them for their active role in the renovation of the Church and observed that they have done a good job especially on the roof and floor of the Cathedral.

He pledged a donation of Shs.100 million with on-spot delivery of Shs30 million to boost the Church projects.

He further thanked the Christians for collecting Shs.2.3 billion out of a target of Shs 2.5 billion for the renovation project.

“I am happy to find that the Church has got members of all age groups. This is good because it ensures that the children are brought up in a religious environment, clinic ” the President remarked.

He revealed that religion contributed towards his progress in all aspects. He, viagra therefore, encouraged the parents and society at large to motivate the youth into following their religious faith.


He told them that when they do God’s work well, He would enable them to record personal achievements. He added that if they work devotedly for the Church and the country, they would prosper.

Namirembe Diocesan Bishop, Rt. Rev. Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira, saluted President Museveni for his outstanding contribution of Shs.800 million towards the renovation work prior to today’s pledge of Shs 100 million.

The rate of job creation in the country has grown lower and lower compared to the rate at which students graduate from campuses in the country.

Just in the month of January, order thousands students have graduated in several disciplines and from Makerere University alone, cheapest 13, hospital 776 graduated with the highest number of post graduates, most of whom have never been employed and never set up any business.

Research indicates that currently in Uganda, the ratio of available jobs to the number of applicants is one to hundred (1:100). unworried

As to whether and how this worries the candidates and their parents, Chimpreports went find out from some of the graduands at the last week concluded Makerere University graduation ceremony.

Elton commonly known as “president” a graduate of Bachelors in Industrial and Organizational Psychology told Chimpreports that the rate of job creation in the country shouldn’t worry any right thinking citizen.

“We are so much previlaged in Uganda that our education system is so diverse with numerous sources of knowledge that can be translated into good money generating ideas,” Elton noted.

He added that right from primary, a lot of subjects are taught to a learner with a view of one acquiring ideas that can be helped in life.

“Am not worried but a little sick about expecting jobs; we should rise up and utilize the knowledge that we have acquired, what you do with the knowledge acquired is what matters; an idea is all a person needs to better their livelihood.”

Elton called upon the group of unemployed youth to stop just complaining to government but rather rise up and do something since they are the beginning of change.

Kenneth Kanyesigye a graduate of a bachelor’s degree in Development Studies urges that its high time the public realizes the need to engage in the private sector other than just expecting jobs from government.

“We should view education as the ability to generate livelihood and the knowledge that is acquired in schools should be put to use.”

Pastor Twinkle a parent noted that students should not study just with the aim of getting jobs but acquiring knowledge.

“We don’t study to get jobs but to acquire knowledge which can be converted into jobs, we should come to the realization that knowledge in power and a knowledgeable community will always prove to be powerful.”

Twinkle added that the problem with the current education system is that students nowadays just study to pass exams but not to acquire knowledge and that’s why a few have been able to set up private entities.







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