Magical Time at Kenya’s Masai Mara

The Masai Mara Game Reserve. An absolutely spectacular patch famously known for the annual wildebeest migration; which in their millions cross from Northern Serengeti, Tanzania to Kenya in pursuit of greener pastures.

For those that would want a spectacular introduction of the Masai Mara sign up for the Mara Serena Safari Lodge Sunrise hot air balloon ride and you will forever remember this stunning beauty.

This year, the Magical Kenya Tourism Expo’s familiarization trip landed me in Masai Mara.

A tourist air balloon in the park

We are at Mara Shikara airstrip and on our short route to Mara Serena Safari Lodge, we had plenty of breathtaking wildlife encounters.

First, it was a few lionesses hunting and later on another pride feeding on their fresh kill; a Wilder Beast.

As the lionesses were feeding, the laughing hyenas kept moving around them as they plotted to take over the meal. Slow but sure they kept moving closer and closer before we knew it was the hyena’s feeding time.

To see a lion after a kill, let alone then lions and hyenas scuffle for a meal, is something that one can never easily forget.

Lions feeding on a Wilderbeest before the hyenas took over

Day two – Masai Mara Game Drive


I love game drives mostly because of the way they make me feel, the delight from the fresh air more so when I stand up in the open roof truck as it goes though the savanna.

As we were driving, our guide of the day William Wahome gave us a brief of the Masai Mara Game Reserve.

“The Game Reserve was named after the Masai people that called it home and are still living there up to now. The park which is stretched along the Tanzanian Border adjacent to Serengeti is one of Kenya’s oldest and most beloved safari destinations,” Wahome said.

The Mara triangle is the most productive part of the entire Serengeti Mara Eco system in terms of nutrition and has spectacular views with spaced Balanites trees.

“Get ready to see the big five and more. The lions, leopards, cheetah, herds of buffalos, the rare black Rhino, lots and lots of Elephants, Giraffes, Topi’s and many more.”

I was so excited and got my camera out ready to take as many great shots as l could.

First we came across a herd of Wildebeests and Zebras feeding.  We saw thousands of them just below the Rift Valley as the sun was setting.

Some of the Wildebeests

Wahome said that the man who came up with the name of the Wildebeests did not have what to name them. He was confused and said they looked like something made out of leftovers. Then he finally settled on naming them, Wilderbeests.

We moved to the Mara River where we found Crocodiles busking, this isn’t the sameness Rivera renowned for the great migration . Wahole told us that the crocodiles use sleeping as a tactic to get easy prey.

“The Crocodiles pretend to be dead yet they are waiting for any animals to try and cross then they attack it and use the water to drown the animal so that they can feast on it,” he said.

There came the majestic Elephants feeding on grass little did l know that Elephants feed by kicking then they touch down to get the grass.

Elephants Drinking water

Giraffes are the beauties of the National Park as we observed them we were informed that the Giraffes legs on one side move together and when they are drinking water that’s when they are most vulnerable.

First it is because their legs are spread apart and as they can’t see animals that might want to attack them.

As for the shy Elands. They are known to jump three meters high despite their body weight. Its known that people also keep them for meat as an alternative to cows’ beef. When they are walking they make a clicking sound which comes from the loose hooves.

We came across other lionesses that where lying under a tree. Wahome said that they were around 6 years old.

“At this age, they are considered mature. This is a season where most female lions consume much, become pregnant for due date of January next year”.

The hyenas, dubbed as the savages of the jungle are known to be smelly, ugly and greedy.  When others have hunted, the hyenas use very clever tactics to steal their meals.

The Majestic Eland

“Sometimes the hyenas go and inspect lions if they have a hunt. Then they call their friends so that they can attack. Hyenas can smell as far as 20 kilometers,” Wahome revealed.

During the game drive, we also saw vultures some were down on the ground looking for the next meal while others were up in a tree like it was a parliamentary caucus.

Wahome Described them as the “undertakers of nature”.

“They eat all the dead animals and only leave bones and the skin. Vultures also eat until they cannot fly,” he said.

Day three

We had an early Morning Game drive where we saw our first cheetahs sleeping at the Border of Tanzania and Kenya.

After observing them for some time we had to rush to the picnic spot were we found our bush breakfast ready for us.

Now this was the icing on the cake. Salivating was the right word to describe me after looking at all the delicious food.

I love healthy breakfast and like they say it’s the best meal of the day.

It truly swept me off my feet. Thanks to the Entire Team of Mara Serena Lodge for making my trip Memorable.


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