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Magara Murder Suspect Arrested as Forces Battle Militants at Usafi Mosque

Police alongside sister security agencies have arrested over 36 people among whom is a suspect linked to the death of Susan Magara.

Magara, who was a 28-year-old accountant, was kidnapped and killed late February this year, and up to this time, despite having several suspects in detention, no conclusive report has been given about the murder.

Police in a Saturday statement said they would not name the arrested individual since investigations were still ongoing.

In the operation that was conducted Saturday morning at Usafi Mosque in Kisenyi, a trading hub in Kampala, police was also able to rescue 18 women and 94 children who had allegedly been held captive by the arrested individual.

Police said they were making arrangements to hand over the rescued women and children who are currently under custody of the Child and Family Protection Unit.

Police Spokesman Emilian Kayima said the suspects were busted, following a lead that was relayed to them as they continue to investigate into a wave of killings and kidnaps that rocked Greater Masaka, Wakiso and Kampala districts.

At Usafi Mosque, police encountered critical resistance as the suspects were armed, and in the ensuing battle, two suspects were killed a police officer was injured.

The suspects were found with 60 rounds of 7.62MM ammunition, 1 bow and arrows, 23 double edged pangas and one laptop


Kayima said the investigations were still ongoing and the mosque “will continue to be secured and restricted.”

More suspects are still at large and police said you can contact them (0712667705 or 071466743) or provide relevant information to the nearest police station.

This is not the first time police is conducting raids on mosques in Kampala; in 2017, police raided Nakasero mosque and arrested 11 Muslims over acts of criminality.



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