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Machar`s Group Ratifies Peace Deal

The Acting Director of Finance and Administration at the Roads Authority, viagra Patrick Muhumuza was Thursday asked to explain why it took UNRA 8 years to do proper procurement for fuel.

Since its inception in 2008, recipe UNRA had never used the proper procedure of procurement as required by PPDA to contract fuel providers.

However while appearing before the commission, Muhumuza who has served in various procurement capacities said this was due to lack of procurement knowledge by staff, inadequate staffing and less time given to procurement.

“It was justifiable for the process that was in use at the time to go on rather than have procurement delayed” he responded in defence.

Muhumuza was also quizzed on why UNRA went against Shell Uganda’s advice and chose to keep the fuel cards open even when there was an option to restrict them. Failure to restrict these cards allowed staff to draw any amount of fuel from any Shell Uganda station countrywide provided they had the PIN.

He however denied knowledge about these options. “Staff weren’t allowed to draw thousands of litres at once because the contracts we signed didn’t allow them. I imagine officers responsible for doing this gave instruction to staff” said Muhumuza.

The witness claimed that he wasn’t aware that UNRA staff were drawing fuel from anywhere in the country. The commission also queried why Hared Petroleum Ltd was awarded a contract to provide fuel to upcountry UNRA stations yet it didn’t have fuel stations in the regions.

The Assisting counsel to the commission, Mary Kamuli Kuteesa probed; “The solicitation documents required that each bidder has stations in these regions, Hared didn’t but it was evaluated and emerged winner. It’s even said that you had personal friendship with the Hared Petroleum Ltd proprietor but you went ahead to participate in the process”


Muhumuza said Hared Petroleum Ltd won the contract because it agreed to provide fuel through other service providers.

“I declared a conflict of interest but the evaluation committee insisted I participate since there was nobody else to represent PDU” added the witness.

Since May 2013, when an internal audit discovered fraud in the procurement of fuel, UNRA hasn’t conducted any other audit or investigation to establish money lost yet the same informal process has been ongoing.

It’s until August 2015, months after the new Executive Director assumed office that an investigation was initiated. The commission believes that the responsible officers at UNRA sustained the illegal procurement of fuel since 2008 to date to serve their personal interests.

Muhumuza was tasked to avail to the commission site diaries that clearly indicate daily fuel consumption by each UNRA vehicle and the source.
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Uganda recently achieved a number four ranking for the country’s overall digital and financial Inclusion efforts in the 2015 Brookings Financial and Digital Inclusion Project (FDIP) report and scorecard. We therefore want to make sending mobile money easy in the country.

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The South Sudan rebel movement of the former vice president, viagra 40mg Dr. Riek Machar on Thursday ratified the recent peace agreement signed with the government under President Salva Kiir.

The SPLA/M- In Opposition’s highest decision making organ, site the Liberation Council that’s composed of political and military leaders convened in the Upper Nile State small town of Pagak to formally receive and adopt the agreement that was signed last month.

The extraordinary seminar chaired by Dr. Machar himself unanimously approved the Compromised Peace Agreement which sets in immediate and a permanent cease fire between the rebel and government forces.

Earlier in the day the South Sudan Parliament ratified the same agreement that was presented to the house by the Justice Minister, tadalafil Paulino Wanawilla.

The joint sitting of both National Assembly and the Council of States totally agreed to adopt the peace deal that has also set in place formation of transitional government of national unity.

Though two weeks past, part of the agreement dictates that the country`s Parliament and the rebel`s council should adopt it one week after its signing and indeed it was fulfilled by both parties yesterday.

South Sudan degenerated into a political turmoil in late 2013 when the president accused his former vice of plotting an alleged foiled coup.

The conflict became one of the most brutal in the world characterized by worst human atrocities including burning of people to deaths, rape of women without exception of minors and conscription of children into combat among others.

According to United Nations about 20,000 lives have been claimed by the conflict, close to two million people displaced internally and over half a million to the neighboring countries.

The rebel`s Liberation Council sitting also endorsed Dr. Machar as the First Vice President of South Sudan.






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