South Sudan

‘Machar’s Forces Could Resort to Guerrilla Warfare’

South Sudan is headed for tougher times with the likelihood of Dr Riek Machar’s forces taking the option of a guerrilla war in the troubled country, viagra 40mg a high ranking official has warned.

Festus G. Mogae, who heads the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC) of South Sudan, cautioned that, “The current relative calm can be deceptive.”

Speaking at JMEC Partners’ meeting in Khartoum on Monday, Mogae said the forces of both parties, and others allied to them continue to clash throughout the country, with a likelihood of larger battles increasing every day.

“While we don’t know the extent to which the SPLA-IO camp is in disarray, and who is in defacto control of the SPLA-IO now, what we know is that, it still retains the ability to conduct operations, and could threaten the relative calm of Juba, or revert to guerrilla warfare destabilizing different parts of the country,”  warned Mogae.

The JMEC is responsible for monitoring and overseeing the implementation of the Agreement and the mandate and tasks of the Transitional Government of National Unity, including the adherence of the Parties to the agreed timelines and implementation schedule.

The country had realised temporary peace after Machar’s return to Juba only for both parties to return to war that has so far left hundreds dead and tens of thousands displaced to neighboring countries.

Machar, who is in hiding, has since warned that his removal from the position of First Vice President is unacceptable.

He was replaced by Gen Taban Deng Gai, the former chief negotiator of the opposition during the Addis Ababa peace talks.


It is understood Machar’s forces are waiting for a green light to attack the country’s capital, Juba.

Mogae urged regional players to “do everything, within the powers of the international community, and the regional guarantors to the ARCSS, to prevent a relapse into full-scale war and salvage the Agreement,” stated Mogae.

He said the region must continue to engage Dr. Riek Machar, and understand the rules and regulations governing leadership changes within the SPLM-IO.”

“This is critical especially now that there is an apparent division within the IO members,” he emphasised.


Mogae called for the operationalisation of cantonment, and the eventual demobilization, disarmament and reintegration (DDR) of forces.

Since war broke out in December 2013, the country has been grappling with an economic crisis.

Mogae said the recent fighting has worsened the situation with the economy continuing its descent to complete failure.

“Further deterioration of the security environment could lead to the cessation of oil production, which would eliminate the one viable source of income to the government.”

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