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MACHAR: Unity Government was Setup to Assassinate Me

The South Sudan former Vice President Dr. Riek Machar has said the Transitional Government of National Unity was a setup to eliminate him.

A phone call recording between Dr. Machar who is in South Africa and a Kenyan journalist, seek who initiated the call from Nairobi, purchase reveals confidential information concerning the how the current conflict started and the possible way forward.

The 30-minutes recording obtained by ChimpReports, partially showed that the rebel leader did not fully trust the unity government that lasted only two months before terribly crumbling.

According to Machar, he was allowed only to return to Juba with 1,350 soldiers against the government’s 25,000 troops, purposely to subdue and kill him.

“Those who are saying I went to Juba to cause troubles are not serious. It would be stupid for a man with less than 1,400 forces to face the army 20 times bigger than his,” Machar said.

“The arrangement (unity government) was meant to eliminate me instead. The security plans of demilitarizing Juba were not honored,” he added.

Gov’t stand

However, government officials have previously denied plans to harm Machar.


SPLA Chief of Staff Gen Paul Malong recently said Machar planned a palace coup by moving over 300 soldiers in his escort convoy to the presidential palace to engage less than 100 commandos.

Malong further accused Machar of entering President Salva Kiir’s residence with a pistol.

On the other hand, President Kiir has since emphasised that Machar can only return to Juba like any other citizen but that his record of killings and planning coups is unacceptable.

The peace agreement signed in August 2015 put in place the formation of a transitional government that was only realized in early May this year.

The 3-year arrangement was however troubled by a disaster when serious clashes took place at the presidential palace on July 10, killing over 300 elite bodyguards of Machar and President Salva Kiir.

Machar immediately fled from Juba and was controversially replaced by his former ally Gen. Taban Deng who is now the First Vice President.

The former VP insisted in the phone recording that the unity government has collapsed and his replacement with Taban is irrelevant.

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