South Sudan

MACHAR: Presidential Palace Fight was to Kill Me

Ousted South Sudan First Vice President, web Dr. Riek Machar has finally spoken out three months after the deadly fight inside the presidential palace that claimed 300 lives of elite bodyguards including his son.

Travelling this week from Khartoum to South Africa for medical treatment, store Machar told reporters at Khartoum International Airport that he appreciates the Sudanese government for the hospitality and medical attention.

Machar almost died in the Equatoria State jungles when fleeing from his restive country to Democratic Republic of Congo.

He survived on wild fruits for months and was only saved by the United Nations Mission in Congo that picked him when he was badly sick.

He stated that his trip to Pretoria is for further medical attention.

“I want to announce here that I am heading to South Africa for medical treatment, for sale ” he said.


The armed opposition leader stressed that there was an attempt to assassinate him during fighting inside the State House in Juba commonly known as J1.


“The J1 incident was a planned move to eliminate me but it wasn’t yet my time to die,” said Machar.

A serious fight occurred at the presidential palace on July 8, 2016 between the bodyguards of President Salva Kiir and Machar’s when the two were present in the same place for a meeting.

Kiir blamed Mchar’s forces for triggering the fight with the view of toppling the Transitional Government of National Unity.

The two formed a unity government in May following a peace accord signed in August last year.

Machar noted that the unity government is no more and his troops on the ground are ready to handle any provocation.

“The peace agreement has collapsed, and up to now there is no any political initiative from anybody, so we will resist in self-defense,” said Machar.

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