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Machar Asks Kiir to Withdraw Appointment of 28 Governors

A 31 year old man has committed suicide by hanging after he discovered Anti-retroviral  drugs (ARVs) in his house.

Michael Nyanga, help prostate a resident of Kiryabutuzi village, this site Kyabigambire Sub County in Hoima district was found hanging on a mango tree in Busisi division, ask Hoima municipality where he was renting.

According to neighbors, a fight ensued on Christmas Eve between Nyanga and his wife identified as Maama Fahima, after he discovered ARVs in his house.

The man became suspicious that his wife might be HIV positive and taking the drugs behind his back.

Francis Kabagambe the village chairperson revealed that Nyanga’s wife was later in the morning rushed to Hoima Regional referral hospital after she sustained injuries during the fight.

Police detectives discovered the ARVs and a knife that is said to have been used by Nyanga to injure his wife during the fight.

Nyanga’s body was taken by police for postmortem.

Top Go Forward Campaign strategist, adiposity Latif Ssebaggala Ssengendo has confessed that Dr Kizza Besigye is a stronger presidential candidate than Amama Mbabazi, Chimp Corps report.


A Democratic Party figure, Ssebaggala was recently named as one of the members on Mbabazi’s campaign taskforce.

His admission that Besigye is stronger than Mbabazi appears to vindicate recent polls which showed that the former Prime Minister could take the third position in the 2016 elections.

Ssebaggala said in a statement on Christmas Eve that despite failing to agree on a single candidate under the TDA framework, it was decided that Besigye and Mbabazi join the presidential race.

TDA would assess the two candidates’ strength on ground before reaching a consensus on who should carry the joint opposition flag.

“Rallies have gone on for almost 45 days and it is clear that Dr. Besigye has upper hand as compared to JPAM (Amama Mbabazi),” recounted the Kawempe North MP.

It remains unclear if Mbabazi will throw his weight behind the more popular Besigye to defeat the incumbent- President Museveni.

However, Mbabazi recently said he had no problem backing Besigye in the 2016 election.

Ssebaggala also revealed that he was not aware that he had been chosen among Mbabazi’s campaign taskforce leaders until its launch at Pope Memorial in Kampala.

He also called for a joint opposition force to remove Museveni from power.
The South Sudan rebel movement leader Dr. Riek Machar has condemned the appointment of 28 governors for the controversial newly created states and asked the country’s President Salva Kiir to withdraw his decision.

On Christmas Eve, sales president Kiir issued yet another decree dissolving the functionality of the original 10 states and consequently effected the operation of the new states. 28 governors were also named in the same unilateral decree.

Dr. Machar who signed a peace treaty with the government of Kiir in August this year and also designated to be the First President has accused the actions of the latter as being inclined towards the escalation of the two years old war.

In a statement released yesterday evening, site Machar said the effecting of 28 states and installment of their respective governors is against the spirit of implementation of peace talks agreement that the two sides consented to.

“The appointments of governors for the 28 states violate the principles of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement we signed in August and already started implementation. I call upon President Kiir to rescind his decision to give peace a chance, pills ” Part of Machar’s statement

Machar also called on the regional powers under IGAD that brokered the peace deal and the international community to put pressure on Kiir to abandon the move that he said threatens peace implementation.

The Comprehensive Peace Agreement was signed based on the original 10 states that distributed power share amongst the two groups of Kiir and Machar.

The government of Kiir was expected to maintain control of the seven states that were largely not affected by the internal conflict including Juba state that houses the capital city.

Meanwhile Dr. Machar and his group were expected to take control of the three states most affected by the conflict in the two oil richest states of Unity and Upper Nile.

Just a month after signing the agreement, Kiir however fragmented the 10 states into 28 literally distorting the arrangement based on the peace accord.

The newly appointed governors are

  1. Hon. Natisio Loluke-Imatong State
  2. Hon. Luois Lobong Lojore-Namorunyang State
  3. Hon. Afikaano Monday-Maridi State
  4. Hon. Joseph Kachipo-Amadi State
  5. Hon. Patrick Raphael-Gbudwe State
  6. Hon. Augustino Jadalla Wani-Jubek State
  7. Hon. Juma Ali Malou-Terekeka State
  8. Hon. David Lokonga Moses-Yei State
  9. Hon. Elias Waya Nyipuoc-Wau State
  10. Hon. Ronald Ruai Deng-Aweil State
  11. Hon. Rezik Zechariah Hassan-Lol State
  12. Hon. Deng Deng Akuei-Aweil East State
  13. Hon. Bona Panek-Twic State
  14. Hon. Abraham Gum Makuac-Gogrial State
  15. Hon. Akec Tong Aleu-Tonj State
  16. Hon. Rin Tuec-Eastern Lakes State
  17. Hon. Abraham Makoi Bol-Western Lakes State
  18. Hon. Madang Majok-Gok State
  19. Hon. Dr Joseph Monytuil-Northern Liech State
  20. Hon. Teker Riek Dong-Southern Liech State
  21. Hon. Mayol Kur Akuei-Ruweng State
  22. 22.Hon. Phillip Aguer Panyang-Jonglei State
  23. Hon. Dr William Othuon- Western Nile State
  24. Hon. Chol Thon Balook-Eastern Nile State
  25. Hon. James Kok Ruey-Western Bieh State
  26. Hon. Peter Bol Kaong-Eastern Bieh State
  27. Hon. Peter Lam Both-Latjoor State
  28. Hon. Baba Medan Konyi-Boma State.
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