Mabirizi Sues EAC Secretary General Over Court Emblem

City Lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi has sued Ambassador Liberat Mifumkeko, the Secretary General (Head of The Secretariat) of the East African Community (EAC) accusing him of condemning before giving him a fair hearing which is against the natural rules of Justice.

In his case filed before the East African Court of Justice (EACJ), Mabirizi says the allegations which were brought against him by the Secretary General in his press statement dated 16th September prejudices the outcome of the ruling of his Age limit case before the regional court scheduled to be delivered next month.

“The Statement wilfully and/or recklessly exposed the applicant to the risk of arrest, detention, restriction to his liberty, forced disappearance, judicial harassment, mob justice, citizen arrest, violence and other adverse actions by agencies of the Partner State of Uganda and by actors, including vigilantes. ”

In the said press release, Liberat accused Mabirizi of misusing the East African Court of Justice emblem and photos of the judges in his fundraising campaign without any permission as required by law.

He asked him to apologize and never to use that advert again or would face legal actions.

In his suit, Mabirizi said the Secretary’s statement was actuated by malice and defamed

The lawyer said the Secretary could have first consulted him directly on whether it was him who authored the advert or sought advice from the President of the EACJ on the impact of such a statement to Mabirizi’s pending judgement in an Age limit matter he filed in 2016.

It’s from the above background that he seeks for a permanent injunction restricting the respondent from issuing statements similar to the impugned one against the applicant.


On top of that he seeks court to award him general, exemplary, aggravated and general damages for the disturbance he has suffered from this statement.



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