Mabirizi Challenges Uganda’s Election Process in East African Appellate Court

Lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi, who lost the case challenging the Age limit amendments in Uganda’s Constitution before the East African Court of Justice last month has now filed an application for an interim injunction seeking implementation of a number measures by the Ugandan Government through its agencies and bodies in the ongoing electoral exercise as they await the full determination of his appeal before the East African court of justice Appellate Division.

The lawyer is seeking among others a change in the period within which a Presidential Candidate can file an election petition in the Supreme Court to at least 15 days and for the court ruling to be made within 45 days from the date of filing, as well as repeating the electoral process within 60 days from its annulment.

He also argues that the Electoral Commission should not be allowed to nominate candidates on the Presidential post who are below 35 years and above 75 years since the law he challenges removed limits on this part.

On 1st October this year three judges of East African court of justice Monica Mugenyi, Charles Nyawello and Charles Nyachae dismissed Mabirizi’s application saying that the Parliament passed the Age limit amendments in accordance with the law.

They went further and supported the Supreme court of Uganda on dismissing the appeal from Constitutional court.

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