Lyomoki Vows to Fight KCCA New Guidelines for Transporters

The state has withdrawn the cases in which Dr. Kizza Besigye and the Lord Mayor, advice generic Erias Lukwago were charged with holding a meeting under a banned pressure group, troche 4GC.

Lino Anguzo, the State Prosecutor involved in the case which was supposed to resume today, informed Buganda Road Magistrate, Isanyu Mukasa that the state had withdrawn these charges from the two.

Lukwago has describe this action as part of government’s plan to prevent this case from setting a precedent which would be used to save other suffering Ugandans who are charged in court after being tortured and detained for longer than the legal forty eight hours.

“The state has decided to withdraw this case after accomplishing their deal of destabilizing us during the impeachment days since I was arrested in the period when the Minister was preparing to hold a meeting with councilors preparing for my impeachment” said Lukwago

Lukwago adds that they are not going to relax until they get redress from the constitutional court to decide, “If it’s constitutional to torture a suspect or to detain him for more than forty eight hours without producing him in court, the law states that once it’s done on a suspect and he is later brought to court the charges against him cannot stand”

Lukwago further adds that they are not going to take this matter for granted but they are going to seek for compensation from the state for the time wasted and for the mistreatment they got while in Police custody.

Besigye and Lukwago were arrested for holding a meeting on 19th of July 2013 under ‘For God and my country’, a pressure group which that had been declared unlawful.

Transporters, viagra today launched their national union, Uganda Transport Development Agency (UTRADA) a private union that brings together all drivers and cyclists in the country so as to come up with a unified voice.


The Union has also officially announced their Chairman and the Executive Committee which comprises of leaders of several categories of road transport means such as boda bodas, taxis, trucks, buses, lorries and tractors.


In a ceremony organized at Nakivubo Stadium, the National Chairman, Abdullah Kitata said that the union has come up with the major aim of uniting all drivers in the country so as to focus on fighting for the rights of drivers amidst the increased attack from several authorities.


Kitata noted that the union is ready to fight whoever comes up to make bi-laws that will affect their business operations in the country.



“A time has come that we as public drivers in the country come up to fight for our common rights as one body and avoid just looking as other transport agencies are being ill treated by different authorities in the country,” Kitata said.


“Previously I have been leading Boda bodas in the country but all several other groups were fighting on their own to earn survival in town; this time round, we shall not look as Buses are highly taxed but we shall come up and fight as a union,” he added.


“We shall not allow being chased out of the city, this is our field and we shall live to protect our source of income.”


Kitata noted that during his time of service, he will ensure that justice is accorded to all drivers that have pending hearings within different prisons in the country for petty cases.


“We are to launch an inquiry into the reasons behind the many taxis and boda bodas that are kept on different police stations in the country.”


On the same note, the Workers representative in parliament, Samuel Lyomoki noted that together with the transporters union, they have given KCCA few days to come out and adhere to the grievances of transporters in the country as presented in a petition tabled before the authority.


“We handed a petition to KCCA and demanded that by August 19, they should come out and sort out all the grievances that they have caused within the transport sector in the country.”


Lyomoki assured all transporters that they have their backs and will fight tooth and nail to ensure that the new KCCA guidelines against transporters are not passed by parliament.


These new guidelines include; paying a fine if found idle within the taxi parks, fighting within parks, hooting and calling on people to board taxis among others.

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