Lydia Jazmine Outs ‘Nkwateko’ Music Video

Singer Lydia Jazmine has released a new music video dubbed ‘Nkwateko’.

If this plays around your mind like something you have heard before, it’s because of ‘Nkwatako’, Sheebah’s hit song released a few years back.

While the titles may sound a bit similar, the beats and vibe of the songs are quite different. In the video, Jazmine pleads with her lover to love alone, a concept that plays in our everyday lives.

“When I see you, my heart hurts because I want you to be only mine and no one else’s,” goes a line in the song. She further tells him to stay next to her and not in any way delay his reply when she tickles him.

Nkwateko audio was produced by D’Mario. The song showcases Lydia Jasmine’s strong vocals and a talent well nurtured.

The music video was directed by Swaif M.

Watch the video here.


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