Luxury Abodes in Uganda

Africa is the ultimate destination when it comes to witnessing abundant wildlife in the open.

The dramatic landscapes of the continent, as well as the diverse topographies, make it a favourite with all sorts of travellers wanting to explore the many wonders of this land.

African states are well aware of the importance that nature plays and their heritage and customs form the basis of this understanding between human and animal.

Whether it is poaching or stopping old cars from being dumped in Africa, there has been an active decision to preserve the local wildlife at all costs.

Countries such as Uganda, Kenya, Madagascar rely heavily on tourism which in turn is due to this very wildlife, and thus they continue to protect the flora and fauna that forms an integral part of their home.

Tourism in Africa has not only contributed to spreading its exquisiteness around the world, but locally as well, it has been a source for income and jobs.

A country like Uganda, with its warring past, has over the last few years come up as a desirable tourist destination that promises a land rich with diverse animal life and natural beauty that is unimaginable.

As a result, a number of luxury abodes have come up in the country that caters to travellers who are willing to spend a little extra for some top of the line African hospitality.



Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort and Spa

Nothing epitomises luxury like golf, impressive vistas, and the option of rest and rejuvenation at a world-class spa. The grandeur of Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort in Kampala has to be seen to be believed as it amalgamates with the surrounding environment classically. Italian palaces heavily influence the buildings of the resort and this European link adds further charm to any vacation in this beautiful location.

Paraa Safari Lodge

Situated in Murchison Falls National Park, overlooking River Nile, is the luxurious Paraa Safari Lodge with all the modern amenities that make a retreat genuinely blissful. It is because of comfortable living options such as these that Uganda has started to pop up in many holiday hotlists for places that are a must to visit. However, the country is not only a vacation spot for the rich and famous as many tours consist of basic camping accommodations that should interest the more adventurous traveller.

Wild Waters Lodge

The intimacy of a private island enhanced by comforts and sophistication is what Wild Waters Lodge, situated next to the River Nile, is all about. The rooms celebrate natural elements of the region, but do not hold back in terms of features like en-suite bathrooms, modern amenities and panoramic views of the thundering rapids that surround this unique location.

Sheraton Kampala

One of the oldest five-star hotels in the country, the Sheraton Kampala bears the name of a world-renowned hotel chain and provides its guests with comforts of a modern-day lifestyle. A property that dates back to 1967, it has lush green gardens surrounding the main building that are a pleasant sight for any weary traveller. The last decade has seen a burst of hotels in the region that should continue to attract more holidaymakers and hopefully help with the countries economy by placing it more significantly on the world’s travel map.


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