Lusanja Evictees Warned on Possible Bribery from Tycoon Kiconco

Lawyers representing scores of residents who were evicted from a 75-acre piece of land in Lusanja village in Kasangati Town Council, and their homes demolished late last year, have been cautioned to take heed and avoid being compromised by tycoon Medard Kiconco.

The lawyers led by Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago revealed today that several of the evicted residents have been receiving intimidating calls and money offers.

These further warned that these calls might intensify as the date on which the residents are supposed to testify in court draws close.

The lawyers were this afternoon meeting the affected residents to prepare them for July 29th, when they will start testifying at the Nakawa Magistrates Court.

Lukwago warned the evictees not to accept any money offers or bow to pressure that might be exerted by tycoon Kiconco.

“On the 29th if you don’t show up in court you will cause us a lot of problems,” he said.

“I am worried because, many threats will come your way. They’ll come to you promising to take you to the president or to the prime minister but what they really want is for you not to come to court.”

“Mr Kiconco has been telling lies about this land and the truth can only come from you, not us the lawyers. You are the ones with evidence.”


In the last court sitting, Kiconco presented three witnesses who included himself, the village chairman and one Chrispa Bitarabeho, who allegedly sold the land to the residents.

The latter however, denied ever selling land to the group.

“It’s now your turn to tell your story,” said Council Abdullah Kiwanuka.

“Court told us to select a few of you who will represent the rest in court because we cannot take all of you.”

“But it is hard for me because I cannot tell those who will stand their ground and shake off the intimidation and bribery.”

According to Counsel Kiwanuka, his team will start on July 15th to select the team of witnesses. This list has to be submitted to court and to the opposing lawyers before 29th.”

“I am worried because once I put out that list, I might not be able to reach their phones the following day.”

Lord Mayor Lukwago, emphasizing this matter, said a similar scenario happened to him recently in the case involving Qualicel and Nabukeera arcade traders.

“The judge told us to get three representatives and they swore affidavits on behalf of the rest. Then one morning I woke up to hear that, Drake Lubega and Mansoor Yanga had bought off two of the three witnesses. The two even went to court and confirmed that they were bowing out of the case.”

The Lusanja residents were also warned to prepare all they necessary documents that affirm their ownership of the land.

The meeting was also attended by area member of Parliament, Hon Robert Kyagulanyi who asked the residents, not to forget to return the favor during the 2021 general elections.

“We are here helping you out to win this war, but like the Lord Mayor said, you must not abandon us when time comes for us remove (Museveni) from power,” the MP said.

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