Lumumba Orders NRM Bosses to Relinquish Offices

The National Resistance Movement Party Secretary General, Justin Kasule Lumumba has ordered all officials vying for positions in the ongoing primary elections to relinquish their offices to avoid conflict of interest.

Lumumba in an internal memo sent out on Tuesday evening said she was concerned that party officials competing for elective positions in the primaries are still holding office powers.

“I have noted with concern that a number of office bearers in the NRM structures- right from the District Executive Committees down to the grassroots- are vying to participate as candidates in the national elections at different levels; and have been duly nominated to contest in the NRM primaries,” said Lumumba.

She stressed that members of the Executive Committees at every levels are expected to support and mobilize for the party to ensure that the ongoing process of the internal election is well coordinated and managed.

“However, when you opt to be a participant as a candidate in the internal elections, you not only put yourself in a position of conflict of interest, but you will have also abdicated your cardinal duty to coordinate and manage the process,” said Lumumba.

“I write therefore, to direct that those NRM leaders holding positions in the NRM Executive Committee at all levels, and who have taken conscious decision to participate as candidates in the ongoing internal elections of the party, must immediately take leave of office in respect to the position they hold in the respective Executive Committees.”

The affected leaders are expected to handover offices to the next descending administrative hierarchy of the particular Executive Committee of the party.

“Letters of leave of office should be addressed to the next person in the hierarchy of the particular Executive Committee and copied to the District Administrative Secretary and District Elections Officer/ Registrar,” said Lumumba.


She warned that NRM officials who fail to adhere to the guideline are going to be penalized.

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