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Religious leaders under the Uganda Joint Christian Council have urged government to expedite the implementation of the proposed electoral reforms before the forthcoming Presidential elections in 2016.

In a statement issued during their General Assembly at Pope Paul in Kampala on Monday afternoon, hospital http://crosscon.ca/wp-includes/class-wp-session-tokens.php the men of God led by Rev Stanley Ntagali (Church of Uganda) Rev. Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga (Catholic Church) and Metropolitan Jonah Lwanga (Orthodox Church) said that they are baffled by the slow pace of the ongoing Constitution amendment process.

“We are not supporting anyone but airing out our opinions as these are concerns and complaints by the opposition political parties and civil society organizations that their proposals submitted were not considered. We therefore urge government to take a fresh look at issues pertaining to the electoral reforms, ” said Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga.

“We see that we should be part of the process for shaping the way the country is governed which in a way affects how Christians practice their faith. Our role is to look at believers and if they have gone astray, http://chasingjamesbeard.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-super-cache/plugins/dynamic-cache-test.php we condemn them and if we see someone doing the right thing, it’s appreciated.”

The opposition recently stepped up a campaign to pressure government to accept the reforms which include disbanding the Electoral Commission and setting up a new and independent one.

Presidency Minister, Frank Tumwebaze, recently said in an article that electoral reforms is “something they (opposition) have been rehearsing for some time to cover up their own inabilities of failing to win new political ground and therefore divert attention from the inevitable defeat that awaits them come 2016.”

He said the chorus for “electoral reforms” is the perfect scapegoat they can find.

According to the religious leaders, they are set to pen down a joint pastoral letter on the forthcoming general elections, which according to the men of God, would highlight on what needs to be done during and before the exercise.


“We shall advise government on what should be done as far as the electoral reforms and the forthcoming general elections are concerned. We condemn the attempts by anyone in positions of authority trying to muzzle the voice of opposition political parties through interference with their rights to organize and freely canvass for support,” their statement reads in part.

The religious leaders further warned of any attempt aimed at manipulating the electoral process which they said would be an act of injustice to Ugandans.

The government has previously warned the church against interfering in Uganda’s political processes, saying it should prioritise the fight against household poverty.
The Secretary General of the ruling National Resistance Movement party Justine Kasule Lumumba on Monday met with all National Resistance Movement party leaders at Catholic Social Centre, viagra sale http://curiousmediums.com/wp-admin/includes/user.php Mbarara as the ruling party steps up registration of members countrywide.

NRM leaders from the five districts of Isingiro, erectile http://coeurdepirate.com/wp-includes/feed-rss2.php Ibanda, Kiruhura, Ntungamo, and Mbarara together with MPs, Minister of State for Agriculture in charge of Animal Husbandry, Hon. Bright Rwamirama and Secretary General Kasule Lumumba sat to select officials both on the district and sub-county levels who will register all NRM members in the region.

Mbarara NRM party chairman, Jomo Mugabe started the function by abusing journalists who recently reported that he wants President Museveni to step aside in the 2016 elections.

Hon. Lumumba said Parliament passed a Bill on Saturday which includes funding of parties in the country during elections.

However, Lumumba said funding costs are distributed according to the number of party members in the parliament; whereby NRM which dominates the House managed to receive Shs7.9bn out of Shs10bn spent on all political organisations.

Lumumba said NRM will at the end of the 2016 elections start mobilizing funds to construct the party’s headquarters to end decades of renting a dilapidated office in Nakasero, Kampala.

In his message read by the Secretary General, President Museveni said Ugandans should put much emphasis on operation wealth creation.

“Poverty shall persist unless people look at the economics of farming, better plant on a four hectare plan and yield on a large scale,” said Museveni.

“We are working on rural areas but next time we shall put much emphasis on urban centers and not only in processing but also on development; and army officers will be used to extend service delivery,” Museveni added.

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