Lumumba Blasts Police for Favoring NRM Candidates as Campaigns Kick Off

Lumumba Blasts Police for favouring NRM Candidates as Campaigns kick off

NRM Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba has urged the Inspector General of Police, Mr Martins Okoth-Ochola, to deal with his officers who are selectively enforcing Ministry of Health Covid-19 guidelines.

According to Ms Lumumba, NRM candidates in the 2021 election are not above the law.

“NRM members are not above the law. They can also contract covid-19. The laws that govern politicians on public meetings also govern NRM,” said Lumumba.

“Any enforcement officer who thinks he is favouring NRM by not enforcing the law is not favouring us. He wants NRM people to contract covid-19, suffer the consequences and may bring in loss of life,” she told journalists in Kampala on Sunday.

Lumumba was responding to reports that police are allowing NRM candidates to hold gatherings yet opposition candidates are blocked. 2021 campaigns start tomorrow.

But the NRM secretary general said the officers are doing a disservice to the party.

“You may assume you are favouring them because it is the party in leadership but you are doing a disservice. You are the number one enemy for NRM if you don’t enforce the guidelines,” she added.


The NRM Secretary-General urged top police commanders to ensure the guidelines are enforced to the latter but warned that officers who don’t want to heed to the same should better leave the force.

“Don’t favour anybody; we should all be treated equally. I ask the IGP that if there is any police officer who does not want to do his job well, he is not serving Uganda. Let him face the wrath of law. Let other people who want to join the force and serve the county diligently be recruited.”

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