Lukwago Wants ‘Green City’ Plans Expedited

Kampala Mayor Erias Lukwago has urged all stakeholders to expedite all processes to get the Kampala City Green Infrastructure Ordinance in place before end of this financial year.

This was at a Conference organised about the same at Entebbe Botanical Hotel this week.

KCCA is moving towards implementing the Kampala Climate Change Action Plan with intent to build a low carbon and climate resilient Kampala.

This is in addition to the Kampala Tree Directory and the Urban Forestry Management Plans which form part of the City’s effort to improve air quality and activate the climate change resilience strategies.

Lukwago said the Kampala City Green Infrastructure Ordinance will “enhance proper management to the urban natural resource assets towards delivering the city’s sustainability ambitions.”

Green infrastructure includes trees, vegetation, green roofs, parks, wetlands, infrastructure corridors, vacant lots, among others.

The Ordinance, currently in draft is championed by the City’s Political Leadership with the assistance of the Technical team and supported by the European Union.

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