Lukwago Says Bobi Wine’s Health Is Worsening; UPDF Insists He’s Being Treated

Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago on Friday expressed worry that the health of Kyadondo East Mp Robert Kyagulanyo (Bobi Wine) is worsening and that he is not getting sufficient medical help at the Makindye Military Police Barracks, where he was remanded to yesterday.

Lukwago was among the few people who were allowed access to the jailed Mp at the Makindye Barracks today .

Others allowed to visit him included chairman of the Uganda Human Rights Commission Meddie Kaggwa, Bobi Wine’s wife Barbie Itungo and his brother Eddy Yawe.

Lukwago told the media after the visit that Bobi Wine looked extremely weak and that he was unable to stand or sit by himself.

His face, he said, was swollen, and that he talked with much difficulty.

“He is in a very bad shape and his situation is deteriorating,” he said.

“We were taken to a particular room and that was where we were told to wait for him. He was brought in being carried by soldiers, some of them at the rank of Major. He was placed in the chair and he couldn’t sit. It was all painful and everybody was in tears,” the Mayor said.

“He told us that he blacked out momentarily after being picked from his room, and that he was severely beaten and then transferred to the cell at the (Arua) Airfield and later to a cell in Gulu.”


“He told us that he was injected with some substance that he couldn’t understand whether it was medication or not. When we asked why such medication was administered to him without his consent, they brought in a doctor who tried to explain that it was a pain killer.”

Lukwago says he believes Bobi Wine hasn’t received sufficient medical care which his condition demands.

“We asked the doctor if they did any medical examination on him but he said that they haven’t since they have no such facilities. We requested that he should be allowed access to his doctor but they refuted the request.”

Speaking to the army spokesperson Brig Richard Karemire however, he told us that Bobi Wine has been receiving proper treatment at the barracks since yesterday.

“Under our safety rules, when one requires medical care, it is provided,” he said.
“We do have a doctor, we have medicine and those people (the visitors) talked to the doctor,” Karemire told us while refuting Lukwago’s story.

The Chairman of the Human Rights Commission Kaggwa promised that his commission will do the needful to ensure that Bobi Wine receives the necessary medical attention as required.

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