Lukwago Roots For Decongestion Of City, Non-Motorized Transports

The Lord Mayor  of Kampala Erias Lukwago has today hosted Carly Koinage, an official working with UN on “Environment’s Share the Road Programme” to discuss issues pertaining road safety and accessibility in Kampala city.

The Lord Mayor remarked that Kampala is highly motorized and this in a way will affect the lives of the citizenry in the long run.

He mentioned the urgent need to embrace the “Breathlife Campaign” premised on his recent engagement at the WHO Headquarters in Geneva.

He said mobility plays a vital role in economic and social prosperity and that’s why “We should embrace the paradigm shift.”

“Cities struggle with exponential population growth, rapid urbanization and increasing motorization and as leaders; we are realizing the need to design cities and mobility solutions around the needs of the people.”

He noted that there is need for construction of modern public transport terminals with multistoried parking facilities in the city as a strategy for decongesting the narrow city roads by creating more space for walking and cycling.

He however called for further and more engagement sessions with all Members of Parliament in Kampala, Mayors, Authority Councilors and other stakeholders.

Environment’s Share the Road Programme is designed to work with countries around the world to prioritize investment in infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians in order to create benefits in the areas of environment, road safety and accessibility.



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