Lukwago Embarks On Tree Planting Campaign In Kampala

The Lord Mayor of Kampala Erias Lukwago has this morning delivered a keynote address during a Tree Audit Conference that was held at Hotel Africana.

He noted that Kampala is rapidly urbanizing, driven mainly by an increase in population through both natural increases and migration from rural areas but also largely experiencing population explosions.

He said beyond the growing city population of 5.3%, “We are all witnesses to the changing face of the city as new developments and building projects have come up over time.”

“This has occasioned pressure on land and consequently translated into a gradual loss in the urban green cover,” he said.

He also informed members that there was a tree audit which was undertaken to establish the urban tree stock purposely to develop recommendations for enhancing the same.

The areas that were covered included; Kololo, Makerere, Mulago and Nakasero.

He added that the tree count stands at over 53,000 with 328 tree species.

The mayor noted that “It’s shocking that places like Luwum Street, Ben Kiwanuka Street and Old Taxi Park have no single tree, i wonder where the oxygen that side comes from?”


He said next week he will be embarking on a community tree planting drive to cover the deficient areas, mainly in the informal settlements, where the tree cover has been found to be especially low.

He noted that he planted a Kampala Tree in Iran, and tasked the technical team to identify a particular specie code named ‘Kampala Anjagala’ to be key in the campaign.

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