Luganda Smart Phones Hit Local Market

Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday opened the World Trade Organization (WTO) 10th Ministerial Conference with a call for tangible outcomes.

President Kenyatta said Africa and least developed countries in the world expect the WTO to deliver equitable growth for all nations.

“Our countries firmly believe in the multilateral trading system’s ability to deliver meaningful outcomes for our growth, click development and poverty reduction strategies, ” he said.

The President told the delegates gathered at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre that Africa, as the continent with the lowest participation in global trade, is ready to be part of the global economic transformation.

“As the continent with the lowest participation in global trade, and the world’s youngest and fastest growing populations, the world will change for the better from an Africa that trades more good and services with more markets,” President Kenyatta said.

He pointed out that while African leaders are determined to tackle poverty challenges, they require the goodwill and the support of the rest of the world to succeed.

He emphasized the need for a global trade system that allows countries to seize opportunities as a fundamental part of their drive to solve challenges such as poverty, insecurity, and environmental destruction.

He said African countries are seeking deeper more beneficial roles in the global economy even as they boosted regional integration as a priority.


“We know that increasing trade between ourselves will boost our economic growth, and create jobs for our youth,” he added.

The President said multilateral blocs are in agreement on eradication of poverty from the globe and what is required is for countries to put in place the right strategies.

President Kenyatta said the slow progress in concluding the Doha Round has given impetus to a multiplicity of mega free trade agreements.

“The WTO Ministerial Conference in Bali, Indonesia, in December, 2013 was the first under the Doha Round that succeeded in concluding negotiations in a limited number of areas including the Trade Facilitation Agreement,” said the President.

He said the Doha Round of negotiations in agriculture provides the best opportunity to address the distortions and align global trade with development goals.

The President called for accelerated negotiations toward a positive end to the long journey of establishing a fair and market oriented trade in agriculture.
Liberian leader Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, whose country is joining WTO, advocated for the removal of all barriers that limit equitable international trade.

Present at the meeting was Prime Minister of Uganda Ruhakana Rugunda, WTO Secretary General Roberto Azevedo and the UNCTAD Secretary General Dr Mukhisa Kituyi who represented the United Nations Secretary General.
American mobile smart phone manufacturer, clinic Idroid USA on Tuesday launched a Luganda smart phone.

The perfectly Sized 4.0 inch Multi-Touch screen tri-lingual phone operates in both Swahili and Luganda. It has a clear 5MP rear camera and a standby  time upto 180 hours.

iDROID SIMU incorporates iDROID’s latest innovative design and technology, ampoule giving customers the ability to express their individuality with powerful performance cicumfrancing it all within their mother tongue- Luganda; a language spoken and read by the majority.

“As iDROID, order we are committed to continued innovation, inspired by the feedback and needs of our wide range of customers. Our newly launched rescue App gives a strong evidence of our focus on innovation,” Jawad Qureshi, Idroid Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer said.

He added that the App has greatly solved an industry problem since phones with any software problems can now be remotely fixed by the iDROID certified technicians saving client’s time when it comes to repairs.

“ The iDROID SIMU continues the latest iDROID design heritage, enhancing all elements of esthetics for a smart phone anywhere in the world selling around the $50 price range,” Qureshi said.

The IDROID SIMU also comes equipped with an enhanced 5 Mega pixel camera for  both brighter and clearer photos and videos.

This advanced system includes iDROID Beast speakers, a slot for a 32GB SD card as well as the popular iDROID Hub App for support.

Users can also take their best selfie using its front camera which has a flash.

Imma Nankya, a third year student at Makerere University divulged that he can’t wait to experience the iDROID SIMU.

“ Who knew, we would one day have a phone in our local language. I bought the Tango A5 when it was launched in May and it is the best phone I have ever held. The iDROID is a much better value than other smart phones,” she said.

“Our demand has always exceeded supply, but with this Luganda language phone hitting stores next week, we can’t produce them fast enough as most of our retailers are already pre-sold,” Qureshi said.

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