LRA War: Tumukunde Defends UPDF On Alleged Atrocities Committed In Northern Uganda

Presidential candidate, Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde who doubles as the leader of the Renewed Uganda pressure group has called upon people from Northern Uganda to blame individual UPDF soldiers who he said might have committed atrocities against people during the war against the Lord Resistance Army of Joseph Kony, other than blaming the entire force.

Between 1994 and 2005, the UPDF was at war against the LRA, which ended in massive loss of lives and properties.

The war was characterized by atrocities committed by the LRA who raped women, killed innocents, forcefully recruited young boys into their army among other crimes against humanity.

However, even the government soldiers were some instances implicated in killing noncombatants and other heinous acts during the war.

Lt. Gen Tumukunde who was by then a Brigadier is said to have made significant headways in diminishing LRA threats during this time when he worked as the Division Commanding Officer.

Now a presidential candidate, Gen Tumukunde admitted that there might have been individual acts of violence, killings, looting and land grabbing, by a section UPDF officers, but noted that these should not be blamed on UPDF.

While addressing the press conference in Lango sub region, after completing traversing the region in his presidential campaign, Tumukunde called upon the locals to point at the exact individuals who committed this atrocities, other than blaming the whole force

“They should say Tumukunde you did this to us but not to blame the force. Even when these policemen when they are behaving, you can tell which policeman who is suffering from a poor command and the one who is not,” he said.


“There are commands and control problems then there are also individual acts which are necessarily out of order. For example the guy who shot Bobi Wine car tyres such acts should be blamed on individuals,” he said.

To reveal this, Tumukunde who had just concluded campaigning in the region said that he received numerous complaints from the people asking him whether he knows about the atrocities that were inflicted on their relatives by UPDF officers.

He noted that even when such acts really existed, they should not be blamed to the UPDF because these could have been individual acts which should be blamed on the individual officers.

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