Low Voter Turn up Tinges “Peaceful” Nebbi Polls

Voting closed Thursday evening at all 223 polling stations in the 16 Sub Counties of Nebbi District without a major incident.

Residents in the West Nile district woke up today to elect a new District Chairman following the death in a car crash of William Alenyo in September last year.

Among the contenders is FDC’s  Onyai Vicky Emmanuel, NRM’s Emmanuel Urombi and George Othuba who run on an independent ticket.

Election observers CCEDU termed the voting process as largely peaceful.

In a statement, CEDDU’s national coordinator, Chrispin Kaheru noted that nearly all the polling stations got the ballots on time, and that candidates had representatives at all polling stations.

Polling officials appeared knowledgeable about their role in election administration.  At least 50% of the polling officials were female. Each of the candidate’s agents had a copy of the voters’ register.  Agents appeared to be vigilant and well trained about their roles,” Kaheru said.

The polling exercise however, was tainted by the low voter turn up   according to CEDDU.

“At the commencement of the polling exercise, stakeholders informed (us) that most voters were participating in market days in Erusi, Parombo, Wadelay, Payani and Pakwach,” he said.


“The voter turnout however, remained low until the closure of the polls at 4:00pm.”

Nonetheless, polling and vote counting ended without incident.

The security situation was also observed to be peaceful all around the district.

“CCEDU noted the minimal presence of uniformed security personnel during the by-election. The role of security on the polling day was largely limited to mobile patrolling in the 16 Sub Counties of Nebbi District.  With specific regard to the polling day, the presence of security personnel was not of an intrusive nature across Nebbi District,” he said.

“Whereas there was tension reported in the Sub Counties of Parambo, Padwot, Akworo, Erusi and Jupangira which boarder with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), CCEDU EOM noted that polling in those areas proceeded without interruption or incidents. CCEDU could however not verify reports on non-citizens from DRC participating in the by-election.”

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