LOP Returns Covid19 Money

The Leader-of-opposition [LoP] in Parliament Hon. Betty Aol Ocan on Friday handed over 20 million shillings to Gulu district Chief Administrative Officer, Mr. Geoffrey Okaka.

On Tuesday May 12th, Clerk to Parliament Jane Kibirge wrote a letter directing all Members of Parliament to return the 20 million given to them as COVID-19 facilitation to district task forces through the Chief Administrative Officers

The leader of Opposition in Parliament said t the district task force should use the money to buy Posho, Salt, and repairing the broken boreholes because they are the major problems during this lockdown.

She said basing on the endless cries of people who are starving because they are no longer working, she preferred to return the money to the district rather than returning it to Parliament.

She also said that government should distribute food to all vulnerable people across Uganda, and not stick in Kampala and surrounding areas alone.

All MPs are expected to submit accountability for the Money not later than May 27.

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