Loopholes as Ugandans Adjust to New Covid19 Lifestyle

Ugandans especially in capital Kampala are slowly catching up with the new guidelines that were issue by President Yoweri Museveni to prepare the country for the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus.

On Thursday, ChimpReports set to examine how much the people in the city are adhering to the dos and don’ts that were published by the health ministry and emphasised yesterday by the president.

We found among others that only a handful of businesses and centres have put up hand washing stations with sanitizers and disinfectants.

One of the main entrances to St Balikudembe Market commonly known as Owino with out any sanitizer.

Among the places where hand washing is yet to be taken seriously include most of the Arcades in Kampala, New Taxi park, Old Taxi park, Kisenyi bus terminal and Kisenyi taxi park plus Owino Market.

At the Old Taxi park by 11am, business was flowing normally without any precaution taken to both passengers coming in and leaving the park.

A few drivers in the same taxi park could be seen taking precaution not to get closer to passengers.

“Coronavirus is mostly affecting whites but for the blacks it’s not that serious” one driver told his colleagues.

At Owino Market (St Balikudembe), a few traders have acquired gloves which they use to get money from customers, while others have acquired masks.

One of the entrance point at Old Taxi park without a hand washing stations.

In Kisenyi taxi park, it is only at the Entebbe stage where drivers collected some money and bought a can with disinfectants for strictly people boarding their taxis to wash their hands.

“We need our customers alive so we have to protect them since without them we can’t survive.”  remarked a team leader

Namirembe Road taxi park at around midday, was the only taxi park with multiple hand washing stations where everybody entering the park was subjected to hand washing under close supervision of staff.

The chairman for this taxi park, Mr Nsobya revealed that they mobilized the money to buy disinfectants and that they will continue to do so until Coronavirus is no longer a threat in the country.

Pupils washing their hands before entering a city taxi park today

“By tomorrow we hope that we shall have fixed the spray bottles with sanitizers in all the taxis using this park so that they can disinfect all passengers boarding along the way.”  Nsobya added

At Link bus terminal both passengers coming in and those leaving the bus terminal are disinfected from the two gates. The same is the case at the Namayiba terminal.

It appeared nonetheless that most people in Kampala are still taking this pandemic lightly perhaps because no case of Coronavirus has been confirmed in the country.

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