Lokodo Hails Public Service Dress Code Guidelines

Minister of Ethics and Integrity Fr. Simon Lokodo has praised the move by the Ministry of Public Service to enforce ‘decent dressing’ in public offices and work stations.

On Monday, the Ministry of Public Service told public servants not to dress in a manner that does not portray good work etiquette.

The Ministry permanent secretary, Catherine Bitarakwate issued a set of guidelines which she said sought to enforce Sections F-J of the Public Service Standing Orders, 2010 which provide for the dress code in public service.

Among others, the guidelines prohibit skirts or dresses above the knees, exposure of cleavage, the back and navel, bright hair colors and long finger nails for women; and open shoes and tight trousers for men.

Minister Lokodo while speaking to reporters at parliament yesterday said the guidelines were important and part of the implementation of the Anti- Pornography Act which advocates for decency, modesty, more so for people who are in public service.

“You can dress the way you wish at your home but if you are in any public place and office where the interest of other people is different, it is advisable that you be decent,” Lokodo said.

Lokodo disputed allegations that the directive comes as an infringement on people’s rights, saying rather that it guides one on how to behave in public because there are norms and standards that everybody is supposed to respect when in the public arena.

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