Logistics Expo Kicks Off Next Month

The Uganda Freight Forwarders Association (UFFA), in partnership with National Logistics Platform, Uganda Revenue Authority and Ministry of works is set to hold the second Regional Logistics expo 2019 on the 21th of August at Sheraton hotel aimed at bringing together the public and private sector to discuss developments, challenges and way forwards for the Logistics Sector.

The 3-day Expo to be hosted at Sheraton Kampala Hotel under the theme ‘Innovative and Sustainable Solutions for Freight Logistics’ is expected to attract 500 local and international participants, private and public who will examine the ever changing dynamics of the Logistics sector and what the government and private sector need to do to improve it.

Speaking at a presser held today at the Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) offices in Kampala, the Chairman, UFFA , Hussein Kiddedde noted that the expo will give an opportunity for the private and public sector to find solutions to the many challenges that are facing the sector in Uganda and in the East Africa Community (EAC).

“Right now, the sector is fragmented, there is also no specific regulations, or statistics on the sector. If we are going to participate competitively in the EAC and beyond, we must be organised as a sector in the areas I have mentioned” he said

Kiddedde added that the expo will bring to light the different numerous policy and regulatory challenges that are hindering competitiveness including inconsistent vehicle axle load control limit, dimensions and number of axle limits, operational costs and tariffs among others

“We intent to align our views on whatever is happening in the EAC and beyond so that we can position freight Logistics better to meet the dynamic demands of the projects and opportunities” he said

The Executive Director, PSFU, Gideon Badagawa said that Uganda is well positioned to be a regional trade distribution hub and hence the need for the Logistics sector to be reorganized as it is every important in the supply chain

“There is a trade Logistics hub that will soon be established in Gulu by TradeMark East Africa and we expect more developments in the Logistics sector. We only have to be organised” he said


Badagawa appealed to government to ensure that the business environment is made secure and safe by putting in place measures that ensure efficiency like security, safe roads and timely clearance of goods ” he said

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