Lockdown: Bajjo Demands Reopening of Entertainment Industry, Issues 21 Day Ultimatum

Events manager and music promoter Andy Mukasa alias Bajjo has demanded that the ban on the entertainment industry and its various activities as part of the Presidential directives to contain the spread of Covid-19, be lifted.

Events including music shows and concerts will most likely be the last to be freed from the lockdown which was imposed by President Museveni starting March 18 until now, following the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus.

The lockdown, according to Museveni, is one of the measures to prevent the virus from spreading massively to the local communities, a move that has aided in keeping the infection cases low and manageable as per the Ministry of Health reports.

However, when the authorities started implementing partial lifting of the lockdown as a way of ensuring that some of the essential economic activities that drive the economy be opened to allow the economy survive, those that involve interaction amongst huge crowds were and are still left out since they pose a huge threat of spreading the coronavirus.

Bajjo, however, says that since his entire life, as many other artists’ depends on events and other key entertainment industry players, he wants the entertainment sector to be freed among other things.

In the 21 day ultimatum given by Bajjo to the government, he urges President Museveni to reopen the entertainment industry lest the artists resume operations forcefully.

“President Y.K Museveni, free music shows. Free entertainment; Artistes, Comedians, and Drama actors in 21 days starting from June 26, up to 16th July,” stated Bajjo.

“We shall free ourselves if you fail to reopen,” he concluded.

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