Local Singer Hires Witchdoctor to Avoid Being Robbed

Kadongo Kamu maestro Matthias Walukaga is tired of being robbed and has since devised means to ensure that he never falls victim of the thieves that have turned his home into some sort of free supermarket.

The ‘Bizibu Family’ singer is reported to have hired the services of a witchdoctor based in Seeta, Butambala-Gomba to protect his household property from the thieves.

Reports indicate that Walukaga visited the yet to be identified witchdoctor’s shrine early this week to seek for his services regarding his problems.

We are told that in order to prevent thieves from breaking into his home again, Walukaga was allegedly asked to take ten bullet casings (shells) and other items to complete the ritual.

Walukaga, who is not shy about consulting in shrines, says he resorted to this after the police failed to help out despite the numerous cases filed with them.

What is interesting is that Walukaga has reportedly told pals he intends to pay the witchdoctor a monthly fee for his services.

The singer is not new shrine talk as he was two months back reported to have clashed at the same shrine with a rival musician in the Kadongo Kamu genre Vincent Segawa.

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