Living in Entebbe: Turning From Grim to Nightmare

Uganda Pan Africans have highlighted the need to revise the current laws and do away with the current Mailo land tenure that was brought by the British imperialists.

During the weekly Pan African Live debate at Fairway Hotel in Kampala, look these Pan Africanists wondered how Africans were hoodwinked to the extent of allowing foreigners to distribute their land among themselves.

The deliberation was running under the topic, “Should Land Policy in Africa be revised to allocate dormant Kingdoms’ land to native Africans?”

One Andrew Irumba said,“Big chunks of kingdoms’ land are currently lying dormant while tribesmen and women are chased out of them, yet they are believed to have been the original owners.

Professor Kajabagu Karusoke a lecturer at the National Leadership Institute (NALI) in Kyankwanzi observed that Mailo land is a negative trademark and a disgrace to the kings and chiefs who achieved it through bribery and being used by the imperialists against their subjects.

“It is a shame to those who accepted Mailo land as a bribe to employ and deploy their subjects to serve the colonialists.”

“Mailo land is a reflection of political circus on the part of our kings. Our current presidents should not continue entertaining such socio-economic and political circus.”

He added, “Allowing Mailo land to continue now is allowing us back to the footsteps of colonialists, it should not be there at all and it should be abolished,” the professor emphasized.


On the same note, the former UNEB Chairman, Fagil Mande emphasized the need to sharpen and implement laws that force land owners to put their land to practical use.

“Let’s not openly confront kingdoms that own vacant land but ask them put the land to practical use,” Mande observed.

Mande advised the youth to abandon wasting a lot of time in urban areas in sports betting and other petty businesses but rather invest in land and make it more productive.
11:00AM: Police spokesperson Fred Enanga briefs journalists at police headquarters in Kampala on the arrest of Pro Amama Mbabazi youth protesters at U.S. Embassy in Kampala on Monday morning:

“The youth defied police warnings of not carrying out their activities. They had expressed that they intended to hold activities and we had warned them on a number of occasions that they were not well planned, buy more about ” says Enanga.

“As they entered the embassy, order police tried to stop them but they defied the directive by police and we had to arrest them.”

The police mouthpiece further notes that the group will soon be arraigned before Makindye Magistrate’s court and charged.

“They face charges of being a public nuisance contrary to section 160 of the penal code act and if found guilty the suspects will be liable to one year imprisonment,” Enanga reveals.

The youth arrested at the U.S. Embassy are:

Rose Ssambwa (female)

Daniel Kaluubi

Denis Kato

Vincent Kaggwa

Abdalla Walugembe

George Mutumba

8:30AM,: At least 11 supporters of Amama Mbabazi have been arrested on Monday morning in Wandegeya and at the U.S. embassy in Nsambya, Kampala, where they had gathered to participate in a marathon aimed at popularising the former Prime Minister’s perceived 2016 presidential candidature.

Chimp Corp Kenneth Kazibwe says the youth who were carrying placards praising Mbabazi were intercepted at the main entrance of the embassy.

“The youth tried to hide inside the embassy but were seized by the mission’s security which handed them over to anti-riot personnel outside the gate,” says Kazibwe.

Kazibwe further reports that the youth have been driven off to an unknown destination in a police truck.

Despite police warning the NRM Poor Youth group of “serious consequences” should they continue with plans to hold an unauthorised marathon in Kampala, the organisers of the event on Sunday vowed not to be intimidated by the law enforcement body.

Mbabazi supporters carried placards urging the former Prime Minister and U.S. President Obama to 'save' Uganda
Mbabazi supporters carried placards urging the former Prime Minister and U.S. President Obama to ‘save’ Uganda

“We informed police two months ago but have deliberately refused to reply to our letter. We even went up to the IGP Gen Kale Kayihura but he refused to meet us – that he is busy,” said Isa Kato who is one the masterminds of the marathon.

Kato, who recently led a team of NRM Poor Youth members to the former NRM Secretary General’s residence in Kololo, Kampala, before urging him to stand for president in 2016, said “we are not worried of being arrested”.

A youth signals to security forces that she has given up the fight
A youth signals to security forces that she has given up the fight

He told ChimpReports in an exclusive interview that, “There is no problem in arresting us, that’s what we want anyway. The regime must be reported to their funders who are Americans. We shall expose them on how they treat their people.”

The Monday clash signals the tough time ahead as Mbabazi keeps the nation on the edge and Museveni’s strategists guessing his next political move.

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango, says, “we are consulting with our legal officers on how to handle these suspects.”

He said the youth have been detained at Kabalagala and Wandegeya Police stations for interrogation.

The youth group last week confirmed that Mbabazi and his wife Jacqueline would grace the marathon, a statement that rattled police.

Kampala Metropolitan Police commander, Haruna Isabirye, would later call a press conference, saying, “Police wishes to state clearly that we have not been notified of any such event as required under the Public Order Management Act 2013 for clearance and provision of security; and the US Embassy has no knowledge of the same.”

Some of the pro-Mbabazi  youth being bundled onto a truck
Some of the pro-Mbabazi youth being bundled onto a truck

He added: “We have not sanctioned any event of that nature; we caution members of the public against taking part in an illegal activity and warn the so-called organizers against misleading members of the public,”

Isabirye said such an event has serious security concerns including the contemporary terrorism threats which must be mitigated before such a public event can take place.

“If the MTN marathon that is security controlled can register some threats, what about such a marathon whose routes are not yet clearly known and security organs are not involved?” he wondered.

A female protester being led to a security truck after being arrested
A female protester being led to a security truck after being arrested
By Prof Waswa Balunywa

I used to live with an uncle of mine in Entebbe in the 1970s. I grew to love the place. I also dreamt living by the lakeside.

I worked hard to achieve these two and started living in Entebbe. The logic was that since Entebbe road led to the airport the road should be expanded to take on the increasing number of vehicles. The country has grown tremendously in the last 20 years.

The number of vehicles increased multifold (of course this growth also relates to growth in poverty due to the increasing number of people and their inability to produce) unfortunately the roads have not increased in number not even in quality.

I stopped living in my residence in Entebbe because it would take me an hour and half to get to work. On Friday March 20, viagra 2015 I left Kampala at 4:00pm hoping to get to my residence in an hours’ time.

I was in for a shock. From Freedom City the traffic was at a snail speed. I got to my residence at a quarter to 7 tired, viagra frustrated and definitely unhappy.

I returned to Kampala on Sunday morning at about 9am and the journey took me an hour and 10 minutes. I still thought that was too much time to spend on a journey of less than 40 km.

The challenge on Entebbe road is of course too many cars and the single carriage way from Zana. At the Zana roundabout, the main road is joined by traffic by the side road that goes through the Kabowa area.

Of course government is building a highway but will it address the current challenges of the local traffic? Definitely it will not. From Kampala to wherever the road will join, that traffic will continue to use the old road which we currently use. This means that the traffic on Entebbe road can only get worse.

What needs to be done;

  1. Annually expand the dual carriage way of the existing road. Even two kilometers per year will help the traffic.
  2. Tarmac the road from Kabusu to Kajjansi. This will create relief on the road between Kampala and Kajjansi
  3. Expand the road from Zana to Ndeeba. Again this will relieve some of the traffic on that road.
  4. Explore the southern bypass that can take traffic from the Bweyogere through Bugolobi, Gaba to Kisubi
  5. The actual expansion of this same road needs to be given the same thought

Of course Entebbe road is an extreme but all major roads to Kampala have a major problem. For instance traffic to Jinja there is need to develop the routes that go through Namanve Industrial area and those roads the go through Namugongo.

Tusaba government etuyambe!

The Writer is the Principle Makerere University Business School [MUBS] 

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