Listen to Urban Youths; Free Bobi Wine – NRM Poor Youths Advise President

The controversial National Resistance Movement (NRM) Poor Youth wing has come out calling on President Yoweri Museveni to open up more direct communication channels with youths in urban areas who are struggling with economic hardships, rather than suppressing them with force.

The NRM Poor Youth believe President  Museveni is being “let down” by people around him who advise him against engaging with the youths.

The group’s National Coordinator Issa Kato made the remarks in response to the violent protests on Wednesday and Thursday following the arrest of NUP Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi.

Up to 30 people were reportedly killed in the protests that broke out in Kampala, Mukono, Wakiso, Jinja and other parts.

“All these people close to Museveni went on a looting spree while blocking the Youth from accessing them. They are arrogant and ruthless,” he said.

“Today, a Youth of Uganda has no better way to express pain and dissatisfaction apart from demonstrating. All channels were closed by these arrogant people close Museveni. No wonder the rise of Kyagulanyi is seen as the only perfect way to advance the dreams of the Youth of Uganda.”

Kato went on to ask President Museveni to release Bobi Wine unconditionally “as a way to preach peace and harmony for a better Uganda.”

“We would also like to extend our condolences to all those that were killed by the security forces and to all wounded by the brutality of our security forces,” he added.


Bobi Wine is expected to be arraigned in court any time to face charges that include committing acts likely to cause the spread of an infectious disease.



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