Lira Woman MP, 2 Others Critically Injured in Road Accident

President Uhuru Kenyatta has called for the strengthening of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) to enable it fulfill its mandate effectively, sales saying no economy can exist in isolation.

He said the WTO, sildenafil established on the foundation of non-discrimination, is a central pillar of global economic governance.

President Kenyatta was speaking at the Fourth China Round Table which he opened in Nairobi on Monday.

The Round Table comes ahead of the historic 10th World Trade Organization Ministerial Conference in Nairobi – the first to be held in Africa – which opens Tuesday December 15.

The President said the questions and thematic focus of the Nairobi China Round Table establish the right policy context regarding Africa’s position in WTO in relation to the international community.

“One of the principal gains from this process has to be the further integration of Least Developed Countries and newly Acceded Members into the Global trade regime,” President Kenyatta said.

He said the 4th China Round Table and the Tenth Ministerial WTO conference,  provides an opportunity to reaffirm the centrality of the WTO in international cooperation.

As WTO celebrates its 20th anniversary, President Kenyatta said it is time for collective reflection and concrete action.


“National, regional and multilateral policy choices that we make will matter. The choices and positions we take will have consequences,” President Kenyatta said.

President Kenyatta emphasized the need for African countries to urgently diversify their economies, re-establish their manufacturing base and integrate into value chains.

He noted that although the continent has registered robust growth, manufacturing was failing and the industrial process weak.

The President said African countries must make the right policy choices and implement them all the way.

“The primary responsibility to industrialize is with Africa. We need to deepen and sustain domestic economic, legal, institutional and structural reforms,” the President said.

The President said, “I believe that International cooperation is the key to resolving the collective socio-economic challenges that face us all. It is the basis for stability, peace and security.”

“If we are to industrialize, tariff escalation and peak tariffs should be eliminated. African economies producing competitively should not be halted with defensive trade remedies. Standards should not be the next frontier of protectionism,” he added.

The President expressed hope that the Nairobi 4th China Round Table will lend support for the ratification of the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA), paving the way for its early coming into force so that goods and services can flow more freely among countries.

He said the move would create employment for the youth entering the job market.

“We need a rules-based Multilateral Trading System that provides space and mutual accommodation for the growth and enhanced welfare of all its members,” President Kenyatta said.

The Head of State pointed out that although WTO had served Africa well since its establishment, it required renewal and regeneration to make it stronger.

“This is why we have gathered in Nairobi to reflect and come up with ways to strengthen the multilateral trading system,” the Head of State said.

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed said the 4th China Round Table and the 10th WTO Ministerial Conference were taking place at an important time when there was growing focus on African Trade performance and policy in relation to the role of the Multilateral Trading System.

She affirmed Kenya’s commitment to domestic reforms including those accompanied by capacity building for sustained growth and development.

“Governments do not take domestic reforms for the sake of reform itself, rather we do so to foster and support our country’s economic development. Improving competitiveness and integration into the global economy are means of delivering sustainable development and enables us to improve on the quality of lives of our respective populations,” said CS Amina Mohammed.

Chinese Vice Minister for Commerce Mr. Wang Shouwen said the round table was in agreement that increased trade and investment was key in creating more jobs and prosperity leading to peace and stability in the world.
Police boss Gen Kale Kayihura has commissioned a special force of martial arts experts and commandos to subdue and cause the arrest of presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi’s guards who assaulted President Museveni’s supporters in Ntungamo on Sunday.

This website broke the news that President Museveni, approved who was in Saudi Arabia, illness ordered Kayihura to arrest the former Premier’s ‘Kiboko Squad.’

The stick-wielding men who were part of Mbabazi’s security detail were captured on camera clobbering NRM supporters carrying Museveni’s posters from the roadside in Ntungamo.

Mbabazi blamed the incident on what he described as NRM provocations before warning that, “NRM should know we are in a serious competition.”

Highly placed sources told ChimpReports on Tuesday that Kayihura, who yesterday rushed to Ntungamo and facilitated the airlifting of the violence victims to Mulago hospital, has directed his commandos to search for Mbabazi’s guards.

“The force hunting Mbabazi’s Kiboko squad comprises acrobats and highly trained commandos capable of using close combat action tactics to subdue the enemy,” said a police source.

“Should any of them resist arrest, our commandos are under firm instructions to use force to bring them to order. The earlier they surrendered the better,” the top source added.

We are reliably informed that police distributed photos of the Kiboko squad to commandos for easy identification.

“We have put Mbabazi under 247 surveillance. This is an intelligence-led operation,” the source added.

Kayihura yesterday said he would arrest Mbabazi’s guards whom he described as a “violent militia.”

He said vigilante groups were banned, wondering why Mbabazi is using them to perpetrate terror. Two suspects were detained early Monday morning to facilitate investigations in the incident.
In a strange turn of events, ampoule Hon Amama Mbabazi’s Go Forward camp has started probing the ‘real’ faces behind the purported National Resistance Movement youths who appeared at their rallies in the western Rukungiri district.

Mbabazi’s camp, says it now has a few reasons to believe that the dozens of youths donning yellow t-shirts who verbally attacked the former Prime Minister’s convoy, and interrupted his addresses did not actually come from the ruling NRM but from an opposition camp.

One of Mbabazi’s senior strategists, Hon Matthias Mpuuga now believes that the provocative youths were from Col Dr Kiiza Besigye’s Forum for Democratic Change.

The Masaka Municipality Member of Parliament stated yesterday that he would need strong answers from the FDC camp to be convinced otherwise.

“I need assurance from FDC colleagues that the goons that tried to interrupt (our) rally were not FDC,” he said.  “I need assurance preferably from (Hon Roland) Kaginda –the MP Rukungiri Municipality — and comrade Ingrid Turinawe (the FDC Chief Mobilizer). If it turns out to be true, then…God forbid!!!”

Mpuuga insinuated that the behavior of the youths in yellow T-shirts  did not resemble that of the NRM youths reportedly commanded by Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde, which have attacked them in other rallies in Mukono, Lwengo and other areas.

He noted the yellow T-shirt donning youths appeared to be masquerading because their sloganeering sounded like that of the FDC’s.

Rukungiri is the home district of Col Kizza Besigye. The rally was described as largely unsuccessfully owing to the small number of people that showed up at the rally. Mpuuga stated however the small crowds at the rally were not a big concern to them.

“That JPAM got fewer people in Rukungiri than any other place so far, for me is not bad at all, everyone must have a place called home in politics.”

The legislator, who this year crossed from Dr Besigye’s camp to back Hon Amama Mbabazi, added that once his fears are vindicated, the Go Forward would have to deal with the matter much more decisively.

“We all know what happened in Ntungamo, and the worst is yet to come! Friendly fire kills; it’s the basis of my inquest,” he retorted.

Hon Mpuuga, a Democratic Party member has for years been one of Col Kizza Besigye’s right hand men. The 40 year old is mostly remembered for coordinating the walk-to-work protests after the 2011 elections which drew a lot of local and international attention.

Mid this year however, after the collapse of the opposition alliance TDA, Mpuuga decided to cross to Hon Amama Mbabazi who he described as a key player in the new face of the struggle,

“The entry of JPAM [John Patrick Amama Mbabazi] in the struggle is part of the additional efforts to propel the struggle to the next level. I don’t find a contradiction when the struggle gets a new face and I choose to work with one of the key players without any fear,” Mpuuga recently told The Observer.
Just days after the Bukomansimbi Woman MP Hon Susan Namaganda was involved in motor accident that took her life at the close of last week, another legislator sustained serious injuries this morning after her car was knocked by a speeding truck.

The Lira District Woman MP Hon. Joy Ongom was travelling to her constituency when her car overturned several times after being brushed by a speed lorry, a few kilometers to Lira town.

Hon Ongom incidentally attended the special Parliamentary sitting to honor the fallen MP Namaganda on Monday afternoon.

A close confidant to the Lira MP informed us that after special sitting, she went to the garage to service her car for trip to her constituency.

“She left Kampala late in the night. At around 1.40am a blue trailer from Lira knocked them in Apii Sub County, Kole district about 10 kilometers to Lira town,” said the source.

The MP’s car a Prado TX UAQ 734X rolled several times. She was rushed to Lira Referral hospital..

Hon Ongom according to sources at the Hospital has been complaining of pain in legs, neck and the back.

Chimpreports understands that the MP was travelling with one Santa Ongela, the Woman councilor for Adekokwok at the Lira district.

We have also learnt that the truck was later intercepted in Gulu. The MP’s driver is said to be in a good condition.


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