Lillian Mbabazi Reminisces Blu*3 Good-Old Memories

There is a lot more talent in Uganda and the truth for sure we have heard of this time and over.

But why Uganda’s music is not recognized in the international scene is why we are yet to figure out a thing or two.

When you hear that there is much talent in Uganda and Africa in a whole, it’s not a lie, it’s just that Africans do not believe in themselves; rather believe it when they are told by the whites.

Fans engaging in a dance competition as Mbabazi performed

Our reporter attended former Blu*3 singer Lillian Mbabazi’s show and reports that she is incredibly talented.

Appearing for her first show dubbed “Lillian Live at Fezah” having taken a couple of years without holding any show, Mbabazi reminded fans of their good old days as Girl music group Blu*3.

“We have a lot to remember after so many years when we were Blu*3,” she said.

Lillian performing for her fans

When you walked to Design Hub, ’Keep Walking’ was what ushered you to the beautifully decorated venue for there was a Johnnie walker highball show where the ‘love letter’ song bird was performing.

With her last show being in 2015, the wait was indeed worth it.Judging from the way she was dressed alone could tell one that she was indeed ready to give her best to the fans.

Fans enjoying Mbabazi’s performances

Clad in a black-yellow and blue flowered African dress, Mbabazi gave her best than what was expected of her.

Her mellifluous voice is something to talk about, she sung as if she was in the middle of ‘a do or die’ scenario.

She is indeed good when it comes to live music, backed by the Sundowners band; all was well for the music lovers who were in attendance.

The singer went on singing her timeless hits, majority being those she did while still in Blu*3 which consisted of her, Jackie Chandiru and Cindy Sanyu.

She performed several of her songs including Kuma Obudde, Vitamin, Dagala, Ndabivuze ,Yoola and Attention among others before performing late Mowzey Radio’s songs.

“It’s a bit emotional for me, but allow me do a mix of Mowzey’s songs.

Every time I am on stage I remember this man, I want to do a mix of Moses Radio songs,” she said.

She was later joined by singer Kenneth Mugabi whom she has a collabo with.

Kenneth Mugabi joins Lillian on stage

One of the fans admitted that, “Lillian is really a blessing in the music industry; she is extremely talented beyond limit.

Her voice is like one sent direct from Heaven. She is a true definition of live music, I heard never seen any other Ugandan artist perform like this, Lillian is indeed the queen of Live Music.”

Mbabazi made a stunning show, with an intimate sit-down set with the sundowners; fans were treated to what is arguably of her best live performances ever.

We can say that there are no words that can truly give justice to Mbabazi’s performance. The drummers, band, instruments were all amazing.

The melody was so beautiful, the instruments; the guitars, the drums, the piano, were all great and there came a moment that her fans never wanted to witness which was when the band finally disbanded as it was clear they wanted more of her performance.

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