Lillian Mbabazi Dismisses Claims Mowzey Radio’s Children Dropped Out Of School

Singer Lillian Mbabazi has dismissed claims that her Children with the late Radio have dropped out of school due to lack of school fees.

Following the legal battles between fallen singer Mozey Radio’s family and his former singing partner Weasel, reports emerged claiming that the late singer’s children had been forced to drop out of school.

A family member of the deceased claimed that Radio left them without any property that they could earn some income from and consequently they are now struggling financially and cannot afford to keep his children in school.

According to a tweet fired out by the former Blu*3 member, her children are very happy, doing well and in school.

“Hey guys, just to let you know, Asante and Izuba are fine. They love their schools and are very happy children growing up in a loving home. I am proud of how much they have grown. Asante is in year 3 and Izuba is almost done with nursery. In September she joins year 1.”

The post was liked by Radio’s other baby mama Dorah Mwima, pressing feud rumors between them.
Rumors have been making rounds, alleging that the two do not See Eye to eye following Mwima’s public confession of Radio fathering her 10 year old son Ethan.


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