Life of MP Abiriga in Photos

Arua Municipality MP Ibarahim Abiriga was shot dead according to reports confirmed so far by Government Chief Whip Ruth Nankabirwa yesterday evening..

The former Arua and Yumbe RDC had just celebrated his 62nd birthday in May and had plans of retiring from being a member of parliament.

The MP is said to have been shot in his car along with his bodyguard near his home in Kirinyabigo in Kawanda by unknown people.

Before his death he was known for being a staunch supporter of the ruling government that no one could take it away from him.

From his car to his stockings, the former Arua MP always made sure he was clad in yellow, the party color, although it created hatred and love from people.

He was also arrested for urinating on a wall in the middle of Kampala at the Ministry of Finance a few meters from Parliament.

He was accused of committing a nuisance by easing in public contrary to section 27 of the Local Government [Kampala City Council] Maintenance of Law and Order Ordinance, 2006.

Court later fined him Shs 40,000 for urinating in public or serve a two weeks’ jail term should he fail to pay the money which he paid and was later set free.


Below are the best photos of Abiriga:

Abiriga and his famous car
MP Abiriga was a colorful man
Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga checks out Kawempe Norths Latif Ssebaggala’s outfit
He was once awarded sandals by the president for supporting Ugandan products
Who can forget this attire from the State of the Nation Address 2016
It was either yellow or nothing to him
He was loved by many for being funny
Abiriga waiting for the final judgement after he was caught urinating on the road
The solider in him…



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