Life Can Only Be Beautiful When You Make Right Choices- Bebe Cool Tells Fans

Singer Moses Ssali well famously known as Bebe Cool has challenged his music fans to make the right choices in life if they want to live a beautiful life.

The message, he said is what inspired him to do one of his hit songs ‘Wire Wire.’

He told fans that, “how beautiful life is; depends on how you always make right choices.”

While performing his barman duties and later on entertaining guests, ‘Love you every day was what seemed as the fans’ favorite, not until he did ‘Wire Wire’ that got everyone on their feet.

Fans enjoying Bebe Cool’s performance

Those who were not dancing could be spotted glued on the screens, watching the magnificent ‘Wire Wire’ video.

The song is an Afro-beat and dancehall fusion that music lovers, especially party goers adore so much, as many say it’s one of the best club bangers as well as a good love song.

Its music video, short in North America by Vybz and only released one month ago during the singer’s 42nd birthday, has so far garnered over 692,979 views on YouTube.

Written and produced by a one Ronnie and mastered by Herbert Skillz, the song has taken over the airwaves, making it one of the most played tracks in bars, parties among others.


While appearing for the Ciroc Pop Nights on Friday last Week, the ‘Love you every day’ songster agreed that ‘Wire Wire’ has taken over as one of his favorite hits topping his music list.

According to Bebe Cool, ‘Wire Wire’ is a song which urges one to do as much as they please because in life, one should please themselves more than pleasing other people.

Few years back, after releasing ‘Go Mama,’ the singer was locked up to decide his favorite song between ‘Love you Every day’ and ‘Go Mama,’ but since he had just released ‘Go Mama,’ he had no choice but to go with ‘Love you every day’ which was a hit by then.

Now, we can reliably inform that ‘Wire Wire’ is his favorite judging from his talk at Club Guvnor after witnessing how the partiers reacted towards the song.

While fulfilling his bar man duties behind the counter, making cocktails named after his songs “Easy” and “Nkuliyo,” Bebe said  “I never stop doing good music.”

He later on served the cocktails to the guests, promising them enough doze of his favorite songs.

“I will do my favorite songs for you my special fans, thank you for your support.”

Upon stepping on stage, he did several of his songs including Nkuliyo, Love you every day, Easy, Wire Wire, Nyimbira featuring Daddy Andre and Slick Stuart and his recent collabo ‘Amattu Magule’ featuring B2C boys.


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