Letter: Muhakanizi Appoints Turyahikayo REA Accounting Officer

The Finance Ministry Permanent Secretary, Keith Muhakanizi, appointed Eng Godfrey Turyahikayo as the ‘accounting officer’ of Rural Electrification Agency (REA) after the latter’s contract was renewed on the directive of President Museveni, Chimp Corps report.

Media reports on Monday indicated that Muhakanizi wrote to Public Service boss John Mitala, saying he had dropped several accounting officers including Turyahikayo.

The media further reported that much as Turyahikayo would hold his boss position as REA ED, he would no longer “be in charge of the funds allocated” to his docket.

However, ChimpReports has seen a letter from Muhakanizi appointing Turyahikayo as an accounting officer of REA.

Muhakanizi’s letter to Turyahikayo

“In accordance with section 11 (2) (g) of the Public Finance Management Act 2015, you are hereby appointed as accounting officer for vote 123 Rural Electrification Agency, with effect from 17th July for the financial year 2019/2020,” Muhakanizi wrote to Turyahikayo on July 16, 2019.

He added: “As an accounting officer, you must comply and ensure compliance by your ministry/institution with the financial provisions of the constitution and the public finance management act 2015, the financial regulations 2016, the treasury instructions 2017 and the treasury circulars issued by the Ministry of Finance… from time to time.”

Muhakanizi also requested Turyahikayo to provide a copy of the renewed contract for funds to be released.

ChimpReports understands that Turyahikayo on July 23, 2019 wrote back to Muhakanizi accepting the appointment.


“Reference is made to your letter ref: BPD.77/222/01 dated 16TH July, 2019, in which I was appointed Accounting Officer for the Rural Electrification Agency Vote 123 for the Financial Year 2019/2020,” said Turyahikayo.

“I hereby accept the appointment and undertake to execute my duties in accordance with relevant provisions of the law,” he added.

The development comes at a time of intense infighting at REA with Energy Minister Irene Muloni and the Permanent Secretary Robert Kasande working closely with REA Deputy ED Godfrey Werikhe to remove Turyahikayo from office.

REA board chairman, Robert Kasande, in a May 30 letter informed Turyahikayo, that the board would not renew his contract due to failure in the implementation of some agency activities.

Turyahikayo was faulted for blowing the whistle on the corruption in REA especially in the procurement and installation of rotten poles, faulty circuit breakers and substandard transformers by Werikhe’s team.

Turyahikayo accepting the appointment

Many transformers installed by REA in rural areas have since exploded and in some instances killed people.

Upon learning about the plot to topple Turyahikayo, Museveni intervened.

He wrote to Muloni: “I will not accept any changes there [REA] until my investigations are concluded. My quick audit has already exposed massive theft of government resources,” President Museveni wrote in a July 8 letter, concluding that “more to follow”.

This investigative website understands that State House has since commenced investigations into properties owned by REA bosses including prime assets in leafy suburbs of Dubai.

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