Let’s Not Lose Focus as We Await Covid19 Vaccine – Museveni

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has made a passionate plea to Ugandans not to become complacent in the fight against COVID19 and urged them to strictly follow the Ministry of Health guidelines as the country is hopeful for a vaccine.

The President also strongly urged Ugandans to guard against contracting the COVID-19 pandemic by strictly observing the guideline issued by the ministry of Health. He said while we are waiting for the vaccine and other medicines to be rolled out, people should be at their best guard.

“I am begging you my people don’t die of COVID-19. While we are waiting for the vaccine we should not be complacent,” he counseled.

The President was this afternoon commissioning the Mubende-Kakumiro-Kagadi road that has been upgraded using Ugandans tax payers money totaling Shs.496 billion.

“The people of Mubende and neighboring districts are very happy about the roads and other services the NRM government has brought to the region,” the Mayor of Mubende Hon.Sekiziyivu Innocent said.

The Mayor who was welcoming President Museveni to Mubende and to the commissioning ceremony of the road added that the people of Mubende are very grateful for the Municipality and other projects that the NRM government is carrying out in Mubende

The road is situated in the central part of Uganda and traverses the districts of Kakumiro, Kibaale, and Kagadi.

The road is being constructed under Uganda National Road Authority (UNRA) with the China Communications Construction Company Limited (CCCC) as the main contractor.


The project also entails the improvement of an average of 2 kilometers in each of the urban areas of Mubende, Kakumiro, Kibaale, and Kagadi among others roads.

The Executive Director of Uganda National Road Authority (UNRA) Ms. Allen Kagina said the new road is an important one because it provides an alternative link to King Fisher and Kaiso Tonya oil wells as well as linking Buganda to Bunyoro region.

She added that the road has also reduced the time of travelling between Mubende to Kagadi from the 3 hours formerly taken to only one and a half hours thus reducing the fares.

She said other developments along the road are the mushrooming small and medium scale industries and the crucial role it is playing of linking the producers and the buyers.

The Minister of State for Works Hon. Peter Lokeris urged people living along the road to take full advantage of the infrastructure to improve their house hold incomes.

The Minister of Finance was delighted to have the road commissioned as it used to be a subject of mockery to NRM supporters by the opposition.

President Yoweri Museveni said it was time for the doubting Thomas’s and those who used to laugh at NRM to come and see for themselves what the party has done.

He said NRM uses the working method of prioritization.

He said when the economy had not gained strength we used to barter some of the products citing the Mityana-Mubende road that was constructed by a Yugoslav company using a barter method.

He said after the economy improved Uganda started to use its own money for carrying out such projects adding that the road from Kagadi will be upgraded up to Ndaiga.

President Museveni further announced that the road from Lusalira-Kabamba-Makole to Ssembabule will be worked on.

Other roads to be done include that from Nalweiyo-Kakindo-Bukondo to Kakumiro and the one from Kazo-Kabogole-Kyegegwa-Hapuyo to Karuguza.

He also cited roads whose leaders do not follow up their construction like that from Miyanzi-Kasanda-Bukuya to Kiboga.

“NRM has played its role and will continue to play its role. It is now up to you the people of Mubende to play your role of adopting modern commercial and calculated agriculture for food and financial security,” he said.


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