Leave UPDF Out of Your Tribalism Nonsense – Museveni Sounds Off

President Yoweri Museveni has sternly warned Ugandans against lebeling the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) as and tribally tilted institution.

President Museveni in a missive on Thursday, sounded this warning just as the dust started to settle on the social media driven accusations about the national army being dominated by people from western Uganda.

Museveni in an apparent strict cautionary, called on Ugandans to “kindly, leave our Armed Forces out of the nonsense of tribal debates.”

“They have serious work to do and they have done it well. Leave them out of your confusion.”

The debate on the tribal making of the UPDF was sparked by the arrest of members of a comedy group “Bizonto” who put out a skit attempting to portray Banyankole as dominating the top positions in government, especially the army.

The four comedians were released five days later on July 29th amid a raging debate on social media about tribalism in government.

However, in his missive in which he responded to general social media commentary, Museveni pointed those pushing the tribal card to UPDF’s recruitment system.

“The only point one can say about that is recruitment in the Armed Forces is by quotas per district. You check during the recruitment time,” he said.


He also noted that his own office, his is surrounded mostly by people who are not from Ankole.

“Here in the Presidency, I am quite comfortable without many Banyankore, or, indeed, any munyankore around. 1) Mitala- Unless he became a munyankore today – Head of Civil Service. ii) Katuramu- Westerner- Kabalega’s land; iii) President’s Office – Kakande- only munyankore through enkaanda, otherwise muganda from Ddwaniro- Masuliita. IV) State House Comptroller- Nakyobe – only guilty on the nkaanda side, muganda of some place. v) PPS to the President- Omona – Originally Acholi, but somehow Kumamunized by residence. I am quite comfortable without any big munyankore in the vicinity. Do not tell us about those cheap things of tribes and religious sectarianism.”


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