Leave Gilbert Bwana Alone – Police Warns Media

Police has angrily rebuked media houses, social media commentators and Ugandans spreading “misleading and fictitious” information about one of their own ASP Gilbert Arinaitwe Bwana.

The police officer,  who later came to be known as “Besigye’s Tormentor” came in the limelight during the 2011 opposition walk to work protests, click when he brutally arrested the now former FDC president Kizza Besigye, breaking car window and blinding him with paper spray.

The incident got remarkable media coverage, both local and international and generated massive public outcry.

Arinaitwe, who since disappeared without trace for about 3 years, recently came back in the picture with media reports about his crumbling family and personal life.

Some dailies suggested that Bwana had turned into a police outcast, while others that he had been rushed to Butabika Hospital with mental illness.

In a missive by police this afternoon, Police Force’s spokesperson Fred Enanga was angry that these media houses were “taking pride in publishing fictitious stories that are outrageous.”

“We want to confirm to the public and the media fraternity that the Officer has never been admitted for any illness at Masindi Hospital and or mental abnormalities at Butabika Mental Hospital as alleged,” stated Enanga.

“He continuously reports to the Directorate of Human Resource Administration and therefore, the article is an unsubstantiated “smear campaign” to wrought havoc against our officer, his family and further discredit the police institution.


Enanga went on to remind that Arinaitwe was cleared by the DPP of all wrong doing in regard to the 2011 incident.

According to the DPP, Arinaitwe and the Police officers who effected the brutal arrest acted  within the law to direct Besigye to use Yusuf Lule road from Mulago Roundabout and his refusal was an offence to which police was entitled to arrest him.

The Directorate quoted Section 2 of the Criminal Procedure Code act which permits police to use all means necessary to effect an arrest where a person forcibly resists the endeavor to arrest him.

Mr Enanga further stressed that Police was aware of the “hostile strategies designed by political opportunists during this critical political stage, to tarnish the image of the police across the country through media syndicates.”




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