Learn from Museveni How to Deal With Independents, Defiant Ingrid Slams Mafabi

FDC’s Women’s League Leader Ingrid Turinawe has laughed off the recent decision by the party Secretary General Nandala Mafabi to expel her and two others for ignoring party rules to contest as independents.

Turinawe, who is now contesting as an independent for the Rukungiri Municipality Parliamentary seat after she lost in the primaries, was thrown out of the party together with fellow independents Darius Tweyambe and Winnie Babihuga.

Yesterday the vocal former party mobiliser told reporters she had not received the letter dismissing her from her party.

But even then, she said she would not abide by it considering that other people who contested before as independents were never suspended.

“If the Vice president of the party Regan Okumu stood as an independent, John Kikonyogo the party vice spokesperson also stood an independent against Joyce Sebuggwawo; why didn’t the party suspend them?” she wondered.

“No one called me to join the FDC and no one has the right to dismiss me. I am not going anywhere unless the delegates conference sits and decides to suspend me.”

Turinawe went on to blame the impasse on what she termed as bad leadership under the current party president Patrick Amuriat.

“Let’s not hide that we’re dealing with politics not church matters. I’m sure, if such a matter was brought before the leadership of Kizza-Besigye or if he was asked to give his opinion, he would most probably advise that the matter be handled after the election,” she noted


Turinawe also said FDC should learn a thing or two about how President Museveni handles NRM members who do not toe the party line as there are so many ‘stubborn’ members in NRM but President Museveni has manoeuvred with them.

“You may not like President Museveni, but there are some good lessons you can pick even from your worst enemy. There’s something to learn from Museveni,” she said.

When contacted on the matter Mafabi said: “We have been trying to tell our colleagues that it is better to support our official candidates. We have had meetings because when we had primaries, all those who wanted to participate agreed that they lost the election. We cannot pretend to be democratic and be indiscipline. So when we failed to convince them, that was the last resort decision.”

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