Leah Karegeya: Arrest Warrants for Killers Mean Victory for our Family

Leah Karegeya, the widow of murdered former Rwandan intelligence chief, Col Patrick Karegeya, has welcomed South African authorities’ decision to issue warrants of arrest for his killers.

South Africa’s National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) recently demanded the arrest of Rwandan nationals, Ismael Gafaranga and Alex Sugira for strangling Karegeya in his hotel room in Sandton Johannesburg on January 1, 2014.

The other two suspects, (all are believed to be in Rwanda), are Samuel Niyoyita and Vianney Nshizrungu.

Speaking exclusively to ChimpReports on Wednesday morning, Ms Karegeya said her reaction to the new development was “generally positive”.

She added: “The warrants mean victory on our side as a family.”

Col Karegeya fled the country after falling out with President Paul Kagame in 2007 before seeking refuge in South Africa.

Rwanda accused Karegeya of engaging in activities that threaten the country’s national security, claims he routinely dismissed as baseless.

His killing sent shock-waves across Africa.


Speaking at a Prayer Breakfast in Kigali shortly after Karegeya’s murder, President Kagame had no kind words for the deceased.

“You can’t betray Rwanda and not get punished for it,” said Kagame.

“Anyone, even those still alive, will reap the consequences. Anyone. It is a matter of time.”

Ms Karegeya today said his family remained “extremely happy” as the warrants of arrest for Gafaranga and Sugira “expose the criminality of Kagame‘s regime to the entire world.”

The NPA, ChimpReports understands is currently in the process of applying for the extradition of Sugira and Gafaranga.

As soon as the extradition request is granted, the NPA will apply to Interpol for the issuing of so-called “Red Notices” for the suspects.

However, Ms Karegeya expressed skepticism about Kigali handing over the suspects to South Africa for prosecution.

“It is the extradition of the people that I highly doubt,” said Ms Karegeya, who lives in Washington D.C.

The deceased left behind three children who live in United States.

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