Opposition Leaders Ushered into Parliament history

The latest from Leone Island is that First Lady, store and http://creativecommons.org/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-upload-media-v1-1-endpoint.php Janet Kataha Museveni is to attend Dr. Jose Chameleone’s upcoming concert dubbed One Man, pharmacy http://communalp.at/wp-admin/includes/class-bulk-upgrader-skin.php One Night, dosage One Million.

The concert is aimed at raising funds to help build pit latrines and bore holes for better sanitation in the Karamoja region.

According to a letter seen by Chimplyf, the First Lady who also doubles as the Cabinet Minister for Karamoja Affairs confirmed her attendance through her executive assistant, Baker Waiswa.

The First Lady acknowledged receipt of a letter dated November 12th that invited her to attend the concert that is to be held at Kampala Serena Hotel and confirmed that she would attend the event.

Reliable sources also indicate that Pastor Robert Kayanja of Miracle Center Churches, Moneybags, Sudhir Ruparellia and the Kwagalana Group, Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga among others are also already confirmed on the distinguished guests’ list.

This development has huge business implications on the side of Chameleone, given that the 2016 General Elections are also around the corner.
Parliament Corps:

All former and current Leaders of Opposition in Parliament have been recognized for their contribution to the leadership and governance of Uganda. This was during a ceremony organised by the Office of the Leader of Opposition in Parliament on Tuesday 2nd December 2014. The ceremony was presided over by the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament Hon. Wafula Oguttu.

At the ceremony, viagra sale http://communityseven.com/ext/sitesplat/sidebar/types/type/poll.php which was indeed a rare occasion, generic the former Leaders of the Opposition or their family members met in a celebratory mood and relieved their times in service as LOPs in the Ugandan Parliament.


It shall be remembered that the late Bataringaya was the Leader of the Opposition (1962-1964) as a Democratic (DP) Party Secretary General who crossed to the ruling party, pharm the Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC). After his famous crossing, Alex Latim took the mantle and martialed the Opposition through. The two former political buddies suddenly became fierce rivals.

However, on Tuesday December 2 2014 , their families were making merry together with Dr. Paul Ssemogerere who was also a DP leader and the current LOP Hon. Wafula Oguttu. They hugged, shared jokes and laughed while the other guests looked on.

It was an opportunity especially for Members of Parliament at the function to mix and mingle with the veteran politician Ssemogerere. They reflected on old memories and took photographs. Talking to MPs, Mr. Sewanyana Henry, himself a veteran former MP who had come along with Dr. Ssemogerere said “What a joyful moment that I can have the opportunity to meet with you. This is amazing.”

The peak of the moment came at the admission of the former and current LoPs to the Wall of Fame of Parliament. Starting with the pre-independence LoP, Dr. Apollo Milton Obote, it was beautiful to see one portrait after another (of the former leaders) being unveiled, handed to the Clerk to Parliament, (represented by Mr. Okello Obabaru, the acting Deputy Clerk Corporate Affairs) who then hang it up on to the wall. The jubilant celebrants sang party songs of the respective LoP whose portrait was being raised up.

This  was the first ceremony of its kind where portraits of any former leaders of this country had been done ceremonially at Parliament. The ceremony gave the mark of dignified respect to the leaders.

Hon. Nandala Mafabi, Hon. Prof. Ogenga Latigo and the late Dr. Obote’s  family missed the function. However,  Dr. Ssemogerere came along with his daughter while Dr.Bataringaya’s and Hon. Latim were represented by their family members; Kenneth Bataringaya the son and Ms Sylvia Latim with her sister respectively.

Dr. Apollo Milton Obote was Leader of the Opposition briefly in the pre-colonial period between 1961 and 1962; Dr. Bataringaya came in as the first post-independence LoP from 1962-64; Hon. Latim took over from 1964-71. Dr. Ssemogerere came in during the post Amin dictatorship from 1980-85; Professor Latigo then arrived in 2006 till 2011, before Hon. Nandala took over from 2011-2014.  Hon. Oguttu is the current Leader of the Opposition in Parliament.

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