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‘Leader of Al Shabaab in Uganda’ Arrested in Mozambique

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‘Leader of Al Shabaab in Uganda Arrested in Mozambique

A man who claims being the leader of terrorist group Al Shabaab in Uganda, has been arrested in northern Mozambique.

Abdul Rahman Faisal was picked by security operatives this past week.

ChimpReports was yet to establish if the arrested suspect is Rahman who led the extremist Muslim sect at Usafi Mosque which was raided by the military last year.


Rahman’s whereabouts have been a matter of speculation since Usafi was raided by security operatives.

He belongs to Al Khawaaliji group which believes all other Muslims in Uganda are kafir (non- believers).

Rahman is said to have preached at Usafi Mosque that whoever has not killed a non-Muslim is not yet a believer and described the moderate sheikhs in Uganda as ‘pastors’.

Rahman, however, was accused by fellow Muslims of working with the state, a claim he had dismissed.


Nevertheless, local media reported that Mozambican police on Friday presented to the press in the northern city of Nampula three Ugandan citizens, two men and one woman, suspected of being senior figures in the terrorist organisation that has been waging a low-level insurgency in the neighbouring province of Cabo Delgado.

It’s in Capo Delgado where President Museveni trained the first batch of Ugandan fighters who would later form the nucleus of National Resistance Army which seized power in 1986.

Some of the military generals who got the first military training in Mozambique are Gen Salim Saleh and Ivan Koreta.

Interestingly, Museveni in 2017 visited Montepuez in the province of Cabo Delgado with Mozambique President, Jacinto Nyusi.

Museveni also toured the military barracks where 28 of the original FRONASA fighters got their initial training.

It was in 1976, after Mozambique had become independent, that President Samora Machel offered NRA Montepuez to train its fighters.

This group of 28 turned out to be more useful than the others whom NRA had been trying to train since 1971. They formed the nucleus of NRA. By the time Amin fell in April 1979, this group had trained 9,000 fighters.

The arrest of Ugandan terrorists operating from this the area will send shockwaves in Uganda’s security circles.


The provincial police spokesperson, Zacarias Nacuti, said the trio had been captured in the Cabo Delgado district of Mocimboa da Praia, and sent to Nampula where they are being interrogated.

He said the information obtained from these prisoners “has allowed the defence and security forces to overrun some camps which the criminals used as bases for their incursions”.

Abdul Rahman Faisal and the other two prisoners were in possession of documents identifying them as Ugandan citizens, according to local media.

Faisal told reporters he is an electrotechnical engineer, and a leader of the Al Shabaab terrorist group in Uganda.

He denied traveling to Mozambique to take part in any terrorist attacks.

“I am from Al Shabaab of Uganda”, he said.

“We came to Mozambique to look for Mansour and Abdul Aziz who was my subordinate”.

Abdul Aziz, he said, had been his subordinate in Uganda, but the last time he had seen him was in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Nothing more is known about this man, or about Mansour.

“I received the mission to come to Mozambique to look for him (Abdul Aziz) because he is involved in crimes”, he said. “We are not part of those people who go around committing murder. I don’t support them”.

“We would like to help solve this situation, because in the end I’m part of the problem”, added Faisal. “We would like to ask the others to stop making attacks”.

The police do not believe this story, Nacuti said Faisal’s statements were just an attempt to evade responsibility for his acts.

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